Wildlife Resorts in India – Close Encounter With the Wild!

There are two ways to make your vacation in India more memorable. One is to camp in the very midst of nature and experience nature in its finest elements. But this is strenuous and only the adventurous can venture forth to do so. For the tourists who wants a perfect tryst with nature but at the same time can’t do without the luxury factor there are star category hotels and resorts available. Though we unanimously voice the opinion that nature’s bounty is unfailingly superior to anything manmade Wildlife Resorts in India are so constructed that on the one hand you have a luxurious hearth complete with dining facilities and other services and on the other you can enjoy the call of the wild. Most of these Wildlife Resorts in India are located in or at the vicinity of the Wildlife Reserves or sanctuaries.

Some of the well known Wildlife Resorts in India are located in the precincts of Corbett National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Ranthambore National Park, Kaziranga National Park, Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Sariska and Nagarhole. An old world and mysterious charm engulfs these resorts, more so because of the fear of the unknown. The rhythmical beat of the drum of the tribal population living nearby the resorts adds to the unknown factor. The sweet smell of the mahua flower or the jui infuses the whole air with something but you can’t exactly point out what. The beauty of the surrounding area further accentuates the romantic feeling.

Some of the Wildlife Resorts in India are luxuriously appointed and provides you much more than you could expect at such a tranquil locale. With well appointed rooms, restaurants and bar, fancy swimming pool and gymnasium, they are a welcome retreat even to the most discerning of guests. Some of the resorts which are located inside the very precincts of the Reserve or sanctuary provides you night safari too or you can also watch the wild animals from the maacha when they come in search of water or food. However some of the reserves purposely don’t have Wildlife Resorts inside the precincts as that would disturb the animals or pollute the environment. Wildlife activists believe that animals are afraid of noise and that disturbs their sense of peace. So next time you visit a reserve maintain silence.

Some of these Wildlife Resorts in India arrange for tribal dances from the nearby villages. This offers you much of the recreation and entertainment after a strenuous jungle safari. Most of these resorts also arranges for safaris. The expert guide will tell you exactly what to do and what not to while entering the premises of the reserves. Permits are needed to enter these resorts. You might as well invest on a sturdy pair of boots if you are visiting during the monsoon. Mosquito repellent also comes to good use in most of the cases.

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