What To Expect Whilst On Safari

Going on a true safari adventure can be a holiday of a lifetime, an opportunity to experience nature like never before, witness breathtaking scenery and unspoilt panoramas. See wildlife that can truly be called wild. However bear in mind Africa is the poorest continent and can be an overwhelming culture shock, with distressing levels of poverty and crime. Despite everything with careful preparation, a reputable travel agent and an open mind a safari can exceed your wildest expectations.

Firstly let start with the best bits safari can offer. South Africa’s most famous park, The Kruger National Park, boasts over 7700 square miles of protected, preserved land in which wildlife can flourish. With approximately 12500 wild elephants, there is certainly no abundance of nature. Usually the guides are expert trackers and are the best chance of getting a glimpse of the big 5, elephants, rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo. It is not just animals that can be marvelled at, the safari sunsets and sunrises are world famous, seeing the fiery sun sink into the horizon is an amazing spectacle.

Unfortunately safari does not always live up to expectations, remember even in high season there are still no guarantees of seeing all the animals you wished to see, or perhaps as close as you could have wanted. Being patient is key, since safari is about witnessing wild animals in their natural environment, taking time to track animals, not making sudden movements and sitting still is all part of the experience. Small children usually become restless and impatient and therefore might not appreciate the adventure.

Early starts are a vital part of safari, since the midday sun is overpowering, and the fact it’s not safe to walk around at night, getting up at the crack of dawn is essential. Therefore despite being on holiday, you will still have to get used to early starts! Another factor to remember is the annoyance of mosquitoes. There is no way to avoid mossies, wearing repellent and long sleeves is the best approach, but the occasional bite is inevitable.

Do not let these minor drawbacks put you off a safari adventure, after all an experienced guide will have an unbelievable knowledge of all the species that inhabit the parks, and know the best places to observe them. When you do observe a heard of wild elephants marching, a majestic lion or simply a stampede of buffalo, everything will be worth while and will form everlasting memories.

In conclusion, make the most of our planets amazing wildlife while it is still possible. Book a trip of a life time and experience a safari adventure. Whether you want to rough it in a tent, stay responsibly in an eco hotel or enjoy a 5 star luxury resort, it is all possible within the national parks. With various types of safari holiday to suite anyone, get in touch with nature today, just dont forget the three safari essentials that you will definitely need: a camera, binoculars and a decent sun hat!

By: John Mce

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