What is the best safari package in Kenya?

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anamdragon asked:

I would like to stay 6 to 7 days and maybe stay at several camps (Hotels) with the same company.I am looking to spend $1000.00 a day at the most.I want to see as much as possible during that time.I would like to take a ballon ride and game drives.Transportation from Nirobi by plane or SUV is fine.I would like to stay in Niarobi for 3 days so I can check out the town and CARNIVORE RESTURANT,which my friends says I must visit while there.I would be traveling with my wife.I would like to stay some place that has lots of animals,birds etc,and is laid back.Size doesn’t matter 6 bungalos or 15 DON’T CARE. I want to see everthing I can with in those 5 to 7 days.