What are My Favourite Places to Visit in Kenya

Kenya is a beautiful country with spectacular terrain from the seas of the Kenyan coast to the hills and plains of Central province. Every region has its own unique and outstanding features ranging from the people’s culture to the physical features.

There are a whole lot of places that one is inclined to visit in Kenya whether it is to the sunny beaches of the Kenyan coast, an adventure up Mt. Kenya, to the shores of Lake Victoria or game drives around the many national parks and game reserves.

The Kenyan coast is one major holiday destination its main features being the sunny beaches, the ancient history that such monuments and museums as the Fort Jesus hold as well as the rich and interesting culture of the Swahili people. At the Kenyan coast the marvel seems endless especially a trip top the old town of Lamu that has some of the oldest buildings in Kenya over a century old.

For a more interesting and adventurous holiday, there is the option of game drives around the country. The phenomenon of the Maasai Mara Game Reserve is the option that many would take because of the thrill of watching wildlife with so much ease facilitated by the open plains of the Mara. Here, the adventure is one of a kind especially camping overnight at the plains or if you opt for a balloon ride or even a bush dinner. The Maasai community at the Mara is also very interesting and will through some of their traditional dances and cultural practices.

Apart from the Mara, other adventurous safari parks include the Tsavo, Amboseli, Marsabit, and Sibiloi among a host others. In addition a few of the national parks are convenient for a nearby game drive like the Nairobi National Park if you are in Nairobi, Lake Naivasha National Park in Naivasha and Lake Nakuru National Park in Nakuru.

The lakes are another great attraction. Kenya has a couple of fresh water lakes as well as a few salt water lakes. In Western Province, Lake Victoria is not only a source of pride and employment for the locals but it also gets a lot of visitors down there. Other lakes include Lake Naivasha that is a huge source of fish and contributes to the ecosystem of Lake Naivasha National Park and Lake Nakuru that forms a part of Lake Nakuru National Park’s ecosystem. Besides this Lake Bogoria is a major attraction with its hot springs and so are the hot springs of Naivasha at Hell’s Gate.

More adventure seeking individuals are likely to head to the Mt. Kenya for the wild animals as well as to try their mountain climbing skills. The same goes for the Mt. Longonot that is a favorite of a lot of people as well as the Gong Hills that are a perfect choice for a hiking escapade.

In addition to all the above, the National museums of Kenya is another sight to behold. Nairobi is also home to an animal and a zoo, and Giraffe Centre is another reasonable choice. The plant lovers can head to the arboretum for the wide variety of tree species as well as that cool breeze under the trees.

The places cannot be exhausted and wherever you choose to go be sure of an experience of a life time.

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By: Amar Shah

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