Ultimate Wildlife Safari Vacations in Africa

Gear and pump up yourself for the ultimate wildlife safari vacations in some of the top most African destinations. The country of Africa is rich with scenic grandeur, diverse cultural splendors and culminating adventures. An African safari always brings in new adventures. An African safari evokes a sense of wonder, adventure and mystery among the people traveling to Africa. It is a perfect place for the photographers, honeymooners and wildlife enthusiast people. One thing is for sure, an African safari experience you will never forget. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and make your first holiday safari in Africa.

Serengeti and Pemba Island – Tanzania

Serengeti Plain is one of the best celebrated wildlife sanctuaries in the world. It comprises a unique combination of more that thirty herbivores and approximately five hundred species of birds. A large number of holidayists flock every year to see the animals and birds. It has now also become an important centre of scientific research. It is an ultimate safari country. The holidayists also have an option to explore the exotic Pemba Island, which is an Island paradise of Tanzania. You can stay some of the splendid luxurious resorts in Pemba. The Funda Lagoon beach resort is one of the luxurious beach resorts in Pemba.

Kruger National Park – South Africa

The world renowned Kruger national park is one of the largest reserve of wild animals in the world. It has tremendous varieties of wild animals and birdlife. It is one of the best managed parks in South Africa, which also have best infrastructure and accommodation. The Kruger national park in South Africa provides one of the most amazing experiences of Africa safari. The African safari experience provided by South Africa is among the best when combined with the other African countries. The holidayists, besides roaming around Kruger National Park also have a privilege to catch a glimpse of South Africa. They can take a trip up Table Mountain, visit the winelands in the area and watch whales at Hermanus.

Victoria Falls and South Luangwa Reserve – Zimbabwe and Zambia

South Luangwa Reserve and its surrounding private reserves are the heart of Zimbabwe and Zambia’s big game country. It is here, where you will get once in a lifetime chance to view some of the best wildlife in the world. The park boasts a vast array of wildlife and vegetation. The visitors can stay at the excellent lodges in this park or can also consider staying at Tena Tena camp, which has been ranked as one of the finest in Africa. One of the major holidayist attraction of Africa is Victoria Falls, which is also listed as UNESCO world heritage site. The holidayists can also enjoy variety of activities here such as abseiling, bungee jumping; elephant back rides, helicopter flips and microlighting. Victoria Falls is one of the natural wonders of the world. It is just like heaven on earth.

Okavango Delta and Chobe Game Reserve – Botswana

The Okavango Delta is one of the last totally unknown or undiscovered wildlife areas in Africa. The holidayists visiting Okavango Delta have the pleasure to catch the glimpse of some of the usual wildlife suspects. They can also enjoy gliding along the river in a canoe called a mokorro where they can watch elephants and antelopes along the banks of the river. Chobe game reserve is a wildlife paradise and is a home to the amazing varieties of wildlife in Africa. The holidayists can find hundreds of elephants, in unrivalled numbers in the Chobe National Park. Chobe national park is probably one of the affordable of Botswana parks.

Uganda Safari

Immerse yourself in one of the most enriching African safari, i.e. Uganda safari, the most famous African safari destination that is not yet discovered by the mass holidayists. The country boasts of some of the endangered species of mountain gorillas in Mgahinga and Bwindi National Park. Uganda is generally famous for its Bwindi impenetrable forest. The holidayists can get a chance to see lowland gorillas and chimpanzees in their natural habitat. There are various pristine waterfalls in Uganda, which presents an enduring sight and the wildlife includes zebras, warthogs and baboons.The holidayists during their Uganda Safari can also enjoy certain activities such as bird watching, cultural and ecoholidayism holidays, chimp tracking and mountaineering in Rwenzori Mountains.

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