Top 20 things to do before you die?

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alohaforever16 asked:

I am currently making a list of things to do in my life… and I have alot so far.. I wanted to hear what everybody else had to say….

and Here is my 20 things to do

1) Write Children Books
2.)Travel the World
3)Ride an elephant in Thailand
4) Visit the Amazon Rainforest
5) Cruise along the Nile
6) Scuba Dive
7) Learn how to surf
8) Acknowledge at least 2 foregin language
9) Take a Train Somewhere
10) Be a Photographer
11) Get a College Degree
12)White water rafting
13) Zipline through a Jungle
14) Visit Mount Vesuvius, In Naples, Italy
15) Feed Pink Dolphins In South America and Swim with them
16) See a Broadway Show in New York
17) Visit England, (but look at number 2… :P)
18)Fall in Love, Picket fence kids that sorta stuff 😛 lol
19) Visit Niagra Falls
20) Go on an African Safari

There is a whole bunch more, but these are my favorites… :)