The Pleasures of Taking Safari Parks – Day or Night

It is impossible to enumerate all safari parks, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, conservation areas and the likes in a single article. So we have decided to focus our discussion on the top five African Safari parks destination. Let’s begin.

South Luangwa National Park of Zambia

Fairly unexplored, South Luangwa is a treasure that only needs to be discovered at its own time. The birthplace of walking safari and the haven of elusive leopards, this is the best place to seek isolation, away from the crowd that characterize other national parks.

Selinda Reserve of Botswana

A very highly rated safari park in all Africa, most seasoned travelers recommend a visit or two to this park to experience what truly is an African safari. Packed with dense population of wildlife, birds and plant species, this truly is a haven that is enjoyed both by the wild and the tamed. Naturalists’ most enjoy it here due to the diversity of species found in single locations.

Kruger National Park of South Africa

For the sheer enjoyment of seeing endless arrays of animal species, plants and birds, Kruger would be the best bet if you would like to see diversity. Since it scales more than the size of Wales, it is not unlikely that it harbors the largest concentration of species that is unequalled anywhere else. The rich tapestry of ecosystems is such that it would be hard to imagine how all things coexist in competition to live in a space so large.

This safari park was the pioneer of its kind since it has already existed since 1889, the year when the first realization of endangerment of animals is conceived. Primarily intended to protect wildlife in advance, Kruger now stands as the largest single place harboring excellent game reserves.

Masai Mara of Kenya

Being the most excellent wildlife safari park in the whole region, Masai Mara is duly recognized for supporting large herds of cat species. It is home to endless plains that are populated with grassland, thus ideal for game-viewing. See leopards, cheetahs and lions in action as they mercilessly follow after their kill during the exchange of life and death in the plains of Masai Mara.

Serengeti National Park of Tanzania

Oh the sound of the name alone brings memories of might and migration. This is one of the most famous national safari parks in all Africa as it is the site for the annual migration of wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, and antelopes. The birth and death place of most calves, this truly is a place to behold if you want to experience authentic deal.

Looking at the night sky. The hobby that we seem to have received from our ancestors. A past time that enjoys a special place in our personal history and the history of the world. No matter how many times we look up at the night sky, we are still arrested in awe everytime we catch a glimpse of its wonder. Too many things were inspired just by mere looking at the night sky. One of such things that have gathered too much controversy and competition is the race towards the moon. Well, now we’re getting too far.

You see, if you want to see clearer view of the sky, go to places where the sky is barren, where it is not blocked by soaring man-made buildings. Where our vision is not flawed by the shimmering lights of urbanization. Go to where it is peaceful. Go to where the night sky is clear and pleasant so you may evoke memories of past and sentiments of the Wisdom that created everything that lies at your sight. Go to African safari and watch the night as it rolls.

One of the most captivating images of night safari are those that depict the Serengeti National Park. The park is simply vast and endless. The plains flat and the vision, clear. Not only are these suitable for game-viewing, it is also well suited for star gazing. Serengeti has no other lights except the one that is given off by the moon and slightly contributed by the stars. The nights are clearer here and it is seldom that clouds impede your vision.

Serengeti night safari doesn’t not only provide peace and rest, it also calms the heart. It eases our troubles during the day and it washes the fatigue brought by the tiring journey we took during the daytime. Whether you are on walking safari, riding the balloon, or driving, the views of Serengeti does not change at all. It is still impressively beautiful as it is during the day. Too much of the wild life activity may be lacking but it is after all, nighttime. Everyone needs to rest except only off course the nocturnal animals.

If you prefer to have a higher view, you may try camping at Seronera Valley for a night. Though Serengeti is truly full of activities during the waking hours, its main beauty can also be perceived with the night sky. If there is a way to count the stars that surround you during the night, it still won’t work when you arrive at Serengeti for a night safari. They are countless and they number in millions.