The Dubai Desert: Exciting Safari Activities to Feed the Adventurous Appetite

The Dubai desert is filled with many attractions for guests to indulge in the sights, culture, and traditions it has to offer. Guests can choose from adventure-filled safari tours or a drive through the Dubai mountains and valleys to view historical attractions.

The morning desert safari is perfect for those who want the desert adventure but may not have a full day to spend. A car will arrive at the hotel for a morning drive to the desert for dune bashing which will surely get the adrenaline rushing. The next stop is the Bedouin-style camp for a camel ride, sand skiing, quad biking, and some refreshments. This tour is about two hours and will end with a ride back to the hotel.

For those who do have the time to get the complete thrill and experience of the desert, the evening desert safari is just the thing. This six-hour expedition begins with an afternoon pickup from the hotel to the desert for dune bashing. With the beautiful and picturesque scenery it should be mandatory to bring a camera to capture it all. Next will be a drive to the camp to enjoy a camel ride and a barbecue dinner.

Other activities at the camp include getting henna tattoos, wearing traditional Bedouin clothes for photographs, smoking an Arabic water pipe known as ‘Shisha’, or ‘Hubbly Bubbly’, and watching belly dancers dance to traditional Arabian music. Once the festivities end guests will be sent back to their hotels.

The overnight desert safari includes all the fun and excitement of the evening safari plus more. Once guests are driven to the desert for dune bashing and to the camps for a night of activities, beds will be provided in the camps for a sleep under the stars. In the morning, a light breakfast will be provided and departure will begin shortly after.

The safari tour may not be safe for those with heart problems, pregnant women, the elderly, or children under the age of three, but they can still enjoy the evening desert scenery. An Arabian dinner in the desert is an excellent option. A car will take you straight to the camp for a buffet and barbecue dinner, camel rides, henna tattoos, and a belly dancing presentation. A vegetarian dinner can be requested as an alternative to the barbecue and buffet dinners.

The Hatta Wadi Safari is another tour that will leave guests breathless with its exquisite mountain scenery and lush green valleys. Guests will be picked up from their hotel and taken through the desert to the mountainous area of Dubai known as Hatta.

This is a great time to take pictures as the car drives through the deep trenches of the valley with great views of the million-year-old mountains, and through its natural pools known as the wadis. The next stop is a visit to the Heritage Village where tourists will get the chance to see the ancient fort built in the 16th Century. The last stop will be made at the Hatta Fort Hotel for use of the facilities, a lunch and a swim before heading back to the hotel.

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