The Best Safari Holiday Destinations

Africa is a vast continent that encompasses afro-montane forests, huge tracts of savannah grasslands and dry, beautiful, arid deserts. It is a continent that effectively straddles first world western culture and ancient African civilisations and it is continent of breathtaking beauty.

Kenya and Tanzania

What makes Africa one of the chosen destinations of so many international travellers is her incomparable diversity, so if you are looking for majestic peaks and vast tracts of wilderness, chock-a-block with wildlife, then Kenya and Tanzania are the places to visit. Get to know the Masai people on a visit to the Masai Mara Game Reserve or make for the famous Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, where there is arguably the best wildlife viewing in the world.


Make your way to the desert zone of Namibia to get the feel of the colonial German influence and wide, open spaces. Some of the highlights of a visit to this harsh and unforgiving territory are undoubtedly the Etosha Pans Game Reserve, the charming town of Swakopmund and the desolation of Sossusvlei.


Visit one of the most successful Southern African countries on the continent today – the incomparable Botswana, land of the giants. The largest free-roaming elephant herds in the entire world traipse through the Northern Tuli area of Botswana as they have done for eons. One of the largest trees on the planet, the Baobab, dots this landscape and sunsets here are crescendos of colour.

Mozambique Islands

If the island mood is what you are after, head for one of the hidden gems of this dry and dusty continent: the tropical islands off Mozambique. Watch a variety of sea turtles in their natural habitat and keep a keen eye out for the near extinct Dugong, or simply unwind on the beach at one of the three island paradises that seduce guests to their splendours each summer season – the Matemo, Benguerra or Bazaruto Islands.