The Beauty Of East Africa

East Africa is rich in wildlife, natural attractions and a number of diverse and interesting cultures, making the area one of the preferred destinations of leading African tour operators.

From grassy plains to coral reefs – Paradise for the uninitiated

The region effectively straddles the equator and comprises the grassy plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania, unforgiving rocky deserts where water is the one resource on the top of all creatures’ agendas and long extinct volcanoes, where herds of animals graze contentedly in the sun. It is also an area of dense tropical forests, massive fresh water lakes, splendid beaches and colourful coral reefs – in a word, paradise.

To top it all, this is the very area thought to have included the biblical Garden of Eden as early hominid fossils have been unearthed at the Olduvai Gorge in Kenya, prompting archaeologists to label it the cradle of man.

Home to the dwindling populations of the Mountain gorillas

One of the greatest attractions of the area is undoubtedly the elusive Mountain gorillas that live in the forests of Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. Made famous by the likes of Dian Fossey, the dwindling population of these remarkable primates attract literally thousands of tourists to the region each year. Through the efforts of Fossey, who can only be described as a conservationist extraordinaire, the Mountain gorillas may yet survive extinction for as long as the tenuous peace between the warring factions of man remains in place.

The tiny village of Rutovu in Burundi may escape notice on a map, but it is the location of the source of the mightiest river in Africa, the life sustaining Nile, where two English explorers, Stanley and Livingstone, met and swapped notes hundreds of years ago.

Wildebeest Migration

One of the greatest natural spectacles in the world happens every single year in the heartland of the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya. Literally thousands of wildebeest make their long and arduous annual migration in search of sweeter grasslands but are haunted at every turn by hundreds of hungry predators just waiting to wade in for a feast. African safari specialists now incorporate the wildebeest migration into their coach tour itineraries and what a spectacle it is!

‘The Pearl of Africa” – Winston Churchill

Uganda is another remarkable East African destination. It is the lakes district of Africa boasting seemingly unending stretches of fresh water lakes, including Lake Victoria, a vista that allegedly inspired Winston Churchill to brand it ‘the pearl of Africa’. Bird watching, angling and other water sports are the main attractions of this humble nation but it is possible to catch a glimpse of the threatened silverback gorillas in Uganda as well.


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