Tarangire the Elephants Country

Tarangire national Park is one of Tanzania northern circuit Park; famous for big consecration of Elephant and tree climbing python also during a dry season (June to October) the park has the highest population on wildlife. It has sparse vegetation, strewn with Baobab and acacia trees make it a beautiful and special exciting .

Tarangire ecosystem consists of the present park, Tarangire wildlife conservation Area (Northeast), Game controlled Areas-Mkungunero , Olkisale , and a buffer zone to Lake Manyara National Park. During the dry season animals migrate from these areas to Tarangire National park.

Areas around Tarangire there are two pastorals list tribes namely Maasai and Barbaig practicing nomadic life, with their cattle and goats . Conservation and pastoralism are compactable land use management, Because this tribes do not hunt wildlife for food. Their culture and tradition are unique and interesting. Their main diet consist of meat and milk.

Tarangire National park is 120km south of Arusha and takes about one and half hour drive. Tarangire National park has an area of 2600Sq km’s (1,005 sq miles), Named after Tarangire river which transverse the park.

The park landscape and sceneries are beautiful and exciting for visitors. It’s sparse vegetation dominated by huge Baobab trees and old Doum palm trees to a lesser prominent as well as black cotton grass. Python climbed trees that line Tarangire’s massive southern swamps.

Herds of Elephant, Wildebeest, Zebra, Buffalo, and Gazelle, mingle with rear species such as Eland and Oryx around each shrinking lagoon. The park in the dry season enjoys the gresest concentration of wildlife outside the Serengeti ecosystem. Unlike Serengeti animal migration, little is known of Tarangire animal migration. The different with Serengeti, animal migrate away from the park during the dry season, while in Tarangire it is the opposite: animals migrate from the Maasai steppes to the park during the dry season. They migrate to the park in search for food and water. Predators such as Leopards, Lions, and Civet e.t.c migrate along in search for preys. The park also is famous for migrant and water birds.

In this case, Tarangire National Park is the hub of Wildlife and Birds during the dry season, when other parks have small concentration of Wildlife. Herds of Elephant 300 strong can be viewed at the park at once; Tarangire River is the mere shadow of itself, just a trickle of water choked with wildlife. Thirsty wildlife wondered hundreds of kilometers to Tarangire’s permanent water source.