Tanzania’s secret in the jungle

Tanzania offers wonderful safaris ensuring a perfect Tanzania Safari Holiday. Fundamentally a fly-in safari because of the long distances and bad roads, the southern and western safari areas are, as a result, pristine and untouched, making for a truly wild African safari. Southern Tanzania is considered Africa’s heart of holidayism.

You will land in Kigoma and take a boat across Africa’s deepest Lake Tanganyika from where you head to the national parks of Gombe and Mahale.

Gombe Stream National Park is renowned for chimpanzees, no very common anywhere. It is a low key reserve but with a very high international profile as a chimpanzee research area.

On the other hand, Mahale National Park is set against the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika, in a place characterized by exotic and isolated beauty.

It is here that, the clear waters of Lake Tanganyika lap against the sandy deserted shores of Mahale while the forested peaks rise up in the distance and the area is home to the largest number of primate species of any Tanzanian park including more than1000 chimpanzees.

You will absolutely enjoy tracking chimpanzees and various primates through these deep forests and the experience is quickly becoming a world favorite wildlife activity.

Ruaha National Park boasts wildlife populations as grand as they are diverse. It was exploited by poachers in the 1980s, but Ruaha has quickly re-established itself as one of Africa’s best wilderness areas anywhere and it’s no wonder that Ruaha and Selous are considered to offer the best game viewing in the whole of Africa.

Selous game reserve is considered by many to be the future flagship of southern Tanzanian safari travel. A vacation in Selous will live to be the best in your memory.