Tanzania Tented Safaris

The Tanzania tented safari is just another fantastic adventure that Africa has to offer. This is a 12 day tour that can be between 1-15 people in Tanzania to view wildlife and camp although the year. On day 1 you will meet in Arusha and get to enjoy a brisk afternoon walk around the beautiful lake. On day 2 and day 3, you will get to head out to the animal sanctuary after breakfast and get to see there spectacular animal population.

During the dry season which is between the months of June and November various wild life including Elephants, Buffalo, Lions and Cheetahs will gather at the river which will be one of their only drinking sources. During your stay you’ll camp for two nights at Tangire. Day 4 of your visit will be spent at lake Eyasi you will spend the day exploring the land scape on foot. On days 5, 6 and 7 you will be at Ngorongoro Crater which has been designated a world heritage site.

On the 6th day you will get to drive down into the crater and see the various wildlife grazing. Animals that you will get to see include black maned lion, the very endangered black rhino, herds of wildebeest and zebras, elephants, hippos, jackals, and even hyenas. On the days 8,9,10 and 11you will get to be on the Serengeti which is said to be one of the most impressive wildlife sanctuaries in the world.

You will spend days on a guided wildlife viewing drive while nights will be enjoyed deep in the Serengeti at one of several private camps. Finally on the final day you’ll head back to Arusha were your Tanzania Tented Safari began. Do remember that your air fair is not included however this will be a trip that is money well spent.