Tanzania Safari Lodge

If you are thinking about taking part of a safari and getting quite an adventure, Tanzania just may be the place for you to check out. They have so many different safaris for you to take part in and you would not have a clue of which one to pick.

The Northern safaris include Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and Highlands, The Wildebeest Migration, Lake Natron and a few more. The Serengeti is the best known area for a safari in Tanzania, possibly the most known in all of Africa.

It also happens to be one of the most memorable places to visit. They use private Land Rovers and guides, small privately owned lodges and mobile tented camps to show you all of what the Serengeti has to offer. Of course the southern part has its own safaris to offer as well.

There you have the Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park. Selous and Ruaha are not as known or as visited as the parks in the northern part of Tanzania like the Serengeti. These parks are remote and you can only get to them by air. The Selous which is the largest game reserve in Africa, is all about making you go on walking safaris, boat safaris and as well as game driving, and Ruaha offers you all round game viewing.

You also have the west part of Tanzania. This part is a great distance from anywhere and all the other tourist areas. The Mahale safari will offer you unique scenery and some of the best chimpanzee tracking safaris. Then you also have the Katavi safari which is home to large numbers of large mammals which is only second to the Serengeti. However it still remains one of the best locations for a truly authentic African experience. You have a wide range of Tanzania safari choices to ensure that you get the best trip that your money can pay for.