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Every one of us enjoy the cozy corners of our rooms which make us feel secured, comfortable and just sooths our minds of all worries and hassles of life. It is warmth that we yearn every moment. But there are times when the comfort of a homely life makes us cliched. We wish to catch a glimpse of a world outside, a world unexplored and unknown. It is something that entails danger, risky heights and yet beckons us to its mysterious paths. And when it comes to setting free your adventure spirit the name that flashes in my mind is none other than Tanzania. Tanzania is located at the eastern zone in the heart of Africa. The country is renowned for the rich flora and fauna and some of the most well known tourist destinations include Kilimanjaro and Serengeti national parks. Serengeti is the largest national park with an area of about 14, 763 sq km and extends from Kenyan border till Lake Victoria. The place is inhabited by Maasai tribes who pronounce it as Siringitu. It is one of the rare places which have held its old heritage amidst the dynamic nature of the civilization.


Other lucrative destinations include Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire national park, and more. Kilimanjaro climb happens to be one of the most intriguing experiences of Tanzania safari. On your way to Kilimanjaro, one has to climb across the sloping grasslands of the forest. On the way, you would catch glimpse of moorlands of Shira plateau and Western Breach. The entire route is devoid of any hotels or inns and you would have to rely on tent accommodation for lodging purpose. The diversity of natural vegetation portrays a scenic beauty which leaves an indelible impression in minds of the visitors. It is something where we set free our souls and try to break apart every barrier of a disciplined social lifestyle.


Tanzania is one of the places where you can get an idea about the wildlife and its nature which is like another world, another destination very much separate from our urban cities. It is like a unique fusion of simplicity of mystery which makes Tanzania Safari one of the most lucrative options of tourists.

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