Tanzania – Africa’s Complete Safari Destination!

Tanzania already offers some wonderful attractions for african safari enthusiasts and tourists will be able to enjoy further riches via a new attraction named Kagera. What is Kagera? Kagera will be a destination open to tourism and creating a link between the popular central and eastern african tourist circuit.

Lush African Scenery

Kagera has plenty of diversification. Culturally, it provides a variety of attractions and historically, it has a detailed and rich past. But it’s the wildlife and scenery african safari seekers will no doubt be eager to see. The Kagera region is just about on the equator which means an equatorial forest landscape which is both lush and rich in beauty and wildlife.

Kagera will officially make it’s mark during the World Tourism day celebrations and it represents an opportunity for Tanzania to showcase some of it’s forgotten treasures. It’s not hard to understand that some of what Tanzania has to offer may have been taken a little for granted given the fact it is the largest of the east African countries.

Exciting Opportunities For African Safari Holiday Makers

Tanzania offers tourist seekers plenty of diversity. Consider the eastern coastline which includes the islands, the inland plateau and of course the highlands; then you begin to get an appreciation of the importance of tourism to this country. Mt. Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak and somewhat of a legend in world mountain climbing circles. But it’s the wildlife and national parks which sets it apart as a favored world tourist destination.

Did You Know?

Tanzania is leading the way in maintaining traditional african landscapes and animal presence. It has devoted more land to national parks and game reserves than any other area or country in the world. A sure sign that it is serious about preserving it’s rich african geography.

Tanzania’s National Parks

Tanzania has the largest concentration of animals in the wild in all of Africa and let’s face it, an african safari wouldn’t be complete unless you could get close to some of these. Not too many people with a sense of world geography pulsing through their veins have not heard of the famous Serengeti or Ngorongoro. While these two parks get most of the attention you can be rest assured that Tanzania has many other hidden park gems; hidden by the fact they don’t get too much recognition but are just as beautiful and representative of what we could perceive the african landscape to look like.

It’s all part of Tanzania’s recent efforts to encourage african safari seekers to discover other less known areas of the country which offer the same level of wildlife satisfaction. It’s no surprise then that the Kagera region is being heavily promoted, not merely as a way of boosting tourism dollars but also to give visitors an appreciation that Tanzania is more than just wild animals and landscape.

By: Dean Caporella

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