Take A Kenyan Safari To Mount Kenya National Park And Reserve

A Kenyan Safari to the Mount Kenya National Park and Reserve should be on your list of options when planning a safari if only because of its height, being the second highest mountain in Africa. Mount Kenya is 17,058 feet high and the National Park and Reserve has 1300 square kilometres of forest reserve with 715 square kilometres above the 10,500 ft tree line, where the entire mountain is National Park

This height means that what you are going to see a huge variety of spectacular scenery which makes the Park very special. There are lakes, tarns, glaciers, peaks, natural mineral springs, and the vegetation changes quite dramatically with the height from sea level. Add to this high altitude adapted plains game, and unique alpine vegetation with eleven species of endemic plants. The surroundings in the Mount Kenya Safari Park are truly breathtaking

You will find dry upland forest in the lower slopes, then after about 7000 ft this changes to montane forest of cedar and podo which then changes to thick bamboo at a little over 8000 ft, and then these die out as you climb higher, and you find smaller trees and high altitude mosses. After 10000ft you come onto high altitude heath and shrubs , and then finally above 11000 feet there is open moorland.

A Kenya safari is mostly about wildlife, and Mount Kenya national park has its fair share, again changing with altitude, and the season of the year. During the rains it is the dispersal area for Meru National Park especially elephant and buffalo. In fact electrified fencing has been put up near populated areas to keep the elephants off farmland.

The wildlife in the forest below the Park Boundary includes the aforementioned elephant and buffalo. To which can be added lion, several different species of antelope including the very rare bongo. If you are incredibly lucky you might see up to eleven species unique to this area above 2500 metres. There are the black leopard, black and white Colobus and Sykes monkeys, bushbuck, buffalo, elephant. Then lower down Olive baboon, waterbuck, black rhino, black fronted duikers, leopard, giant forest hog, genet cat, bushpig and hyena.. The very privileged few might even see albino zebra.

Above the treeline you’ll find high altitude zebra and eland.

The accommodation in the Mount Kenya National Park consists of one lodge, seven climber huts, and three self help banda sites , and three lodges and a self help banda site just outside the park.

To summarise the attractions of the Mount Kenya National Park and reserve.

There is excellent game viewing, fantastic scenery, with the lakes, tarns, glaciers, and high peaks. A number of rare birds and animals, and the high altitude plains game and the mountain forest. Added to this the natural mineral springs, and for a few intrepid souls mountain climbing itself, but this is not for the hill walker but more the skilled mountaineer.

If you are planning a memorable Kenyan Safari then a trip to the Mount Kenya National Park and Reserve promises to be a wonderful experience.

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By: Peter R Stewart

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