Zambian Safari

Footage culled from three long days on safari in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. That lioness in the end is only a few feet away. Also, the vehicle has no doors.

Dream Fishing Vacation Packages At Vamizi Lodge Maluane Island Quirimba Mozambique

Almost by accident I found one of my dream fishing vacation packages at Vamizi Island Lodge, on Maluane Island in the Quirimba Archipeligo Mozambique. I also found out this is an Eco Lodge adventure vacation, but it is my idea of a romantic affordable honeymoon idea, as many of the other guests were honeymooners. One […]

Botswana Holiday: Enjoy an Exclusive Holidays in Africa

Botswana is the most beautiful and wonderful African destinations, particularly famous for its exotic and unmatched blend of tourism, wildlife and culture. The country provides the one-stop destination for wildlife lovers and eco-tourists, offering its diverse combination of beautiful landscapes and some of the biggest populations of different species of wildlife found in Africa. Botswana […]

Zambia : Places To Visit, Activities To Do

Zambia is a country that is fast gaining reputation as the most popular African destination. This is mainly because of its rich wilderness and the richness of its wildlife and flora. Zambia is blessed with many scenic

Go and Enjoy the Safaris in Kenya

Safaris in Kenya are one of the greatest and the most popular of the wildlife tours in Africa. The main reason for this massive popularity is its excellence in tourism. As a tourist, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of things for visitors such as mountain climbing, scuba diving, and fishing. However, the country […]

Experience Life at Zambia Wilderness And Marvel At Tanzania Safari

As far as African safaris go, Zambia is the one that keeps its secret for many years and still keeps some though it is already beginning to take its crown for African safaris top destinations. Zambia wilderness safari is absolutely an unknown realm when compared with more traditional national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and game reserves. […]