I am travelling to Mombasa Kenya for my honeymoon?

northstar21_2000 asked: For 14 days and hopefully including a 2-3 day safari within that. What vaccinations have other people had that have travelled to kenya from UK recently? Thanks

Tanzania safari without the herds of tourists?

Scott C asked: Hi. I’m visiting Tanzania for a month in December, and I want to spend some time – maybe 5-10 days – seeing the wildlife. I quite like the idea of a walking safari, so I can get a little closer to nature than I might on a driving safari. I want to […]

What is the distance between Mwanza Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya?

saucylilbrat43 asked: I will be travelling to Mwanza next month, and I am a little concerned about the political unrest in Kenya. Will it affect my stay in Mwanza?

What visas do I need for Kenya please?

asked: I am travelling to Kenya and in transit through Doha – what visas will I need please? Will the “in transit” just be one of those things that you fill in on the plane? Any other helpful information would be appreciated. Oh, I carry a British passport and I’m going with the school – […]

Lion county safari in FLorida?

desidreams asked: I need some coupouns for visiting this Lion county safari. i found coupouns like $2.But i am looking for some more coupouns aswe are 4 travelling to the safari.Some of my friends told that i will get coupouns from local supermarket(I donno what do they meant by supermarket?)…..But any please let me know […]

What to pack for a trip to Sth Africa?

Petiebabe asked: I am travelling to Sth Africa in August to visit the safari parks etc on a tour. Im so lost what to pack, does it get really cold at night and hot in the day??? Im from Sydney in Oz so any comparisions would be helpful