On Safari in Southern Tanzania – Discover the Mnazi Bay Marine Park

In Tanzania travel, the country’s South coast has become a popular vacation destination especially among those visitors out to avoid the large crowds of tourists in the northern game reserves and national parks. Some of the ideal places to visit in South Tanzania include the quiet Mnazi Bay Marine park, and Mtwara, a small Swahili town surrounded by beautiful beaches that rival many beach travel destinations in the North.

Best to book a Tanzania Safari with?

Moviemike asked: Hi. I am trying to book a Safari for our honeymoon in September. Our dream would be to travel to Northern Tanzania and do a safari for 5-7days and then some time on the Seychelles after that. There are just so many companies and options – can anyone recommend?

African Safari Trips – 3 Ways To See Africa On Safari

An African safari trip would be the ultimate vacation for most of us but for the inexperienced, it can be an overwhelming experience on the organization front. How do you plan for African safari trips; where do you start; where do you go and what do you see? Beginning to see the picture. This article […]

Tanzania safari without the herds of tourists?

Scott C asked: Hi. I’m visiting Tanzania for a month in December, and I want to spend some time – maybe 5-10 days – seeing the wildlife. I quite like the idea of a walking safari, so I can get a little closer to nature than I might on a driving safari. I want to […]