What You Should Know About Safari Jackets

A typical safari look: a lightweight shirt coupled with a comfy pants, with an accent of a nice safari hat and a bag full of safari gears. What’s left? Yes, the safari jacket. Safari jackets were primarily designed for use during on a safari trip. This tradition as started since late 1800’s when Europeans begun […]

Family Vacation-managing Cost of Family Vacation in Africa Kenya

Cost of Family Vacation in Africa Family vacation air ticket to africa deals A family vacation in africa usually involves air travel over long distances. Family vacation Air tickets from Norway, Netherlands, Bulgaria, russia, norway,sweden, netherlands and other countries can be exensive due to long distances involved. Booking your family vacation air ticket in advance […]

The Challenge Of Safari Travel

Before stepping on that plane for a marvelous safari adventure, plan like there’s no tomorrow. You will thank your self for being precautious when faced with untoward incidents. Here are the important things you should consider when going on a safari travel: 1. Remember that it is one challenging endeavor. Planning a safari can be […]

Animal Safari- Let Nature Balance Itself

Now think of safari…of Serengeti…of wildlife sanctuaries…what images dominate your thoughts? Yes, animals. Wildlife aside, safari would only be composed of a number of plant species, of terrain and of strange creatures like insects, bugs and the likes. Without the animals, African safaris would be reduced into a haven of sedentary and rarely moving species. […]

Kenya Vacation – Special Interest Tours and Safaris to Kenya

Apart from the traditional wildlife safari for which Kenya is widely known, the country also offers numerous and different types of other types of tours and excursions that would be interest only to a few people with special, but intense interest. From golfing to filmmaking, to diving, you will find locations and facilities to meet […]

Railway Travel in Kenya From Nairobi to Mombasa

Recently, a colleague in our busy office confided in me that he wanted to take a Railway travel in Kenya. What he did not know is the fact that i have visited Kenya five times for the last five years i have had a vacation. I knew he was making the best decision to tour […]