African Hunting Safaris Are Not All About Killing Animals, Some Of Which Are Protected

The African hunting safari will take you to some of the most primitive as well as modern places all across Africa. From the lush forests to the expansive savannahs to the tumbling waterfalls to the lofty mountains there is a land of beauty as well as magnificence that awaits you providing you with the opportunity […]

Do I need a yellow fever vaccination for travel to Kenya?

scraggyanna asked: I will be travelling from the UK in June for 2 weeks for my honeymoon. We will be staying at a beach resort in Nyali, near Mombassa and travelling to either Tsavo or Masai mara for a few days on safari. Do I need the vaccination, or is the area low risk?

Is Kenya safe to travel through at the moment?

Eva asked: Hi, I am supposed to fly into Nairobi this afternoon, stay overnight and then go on safari the next day, first to Lake Nakuru for one day and then three in the Masai Mara. Due to all of the unrest from election results, I am very scared and think I may cancel my […]

Favorite African Safari Destinations And Safari Preparation

Taking an African safari is an exciting holiday choice for many people however, given the nature of such an adventure, there is a required amount of due diligence to perform before you actually take off for the wilds of Africa. I want to briefly highlight some areas of interest in this article which you will […]

A Kenya Safari Holiday Taking In Bateleur Camp In The Masai Mara

A Kenya Safari Holiday taking in the Masai Mara, and wanting to see as much wildlife as possible, must include the top class Bateleur Camp at Kichwa Tembo, and here is why it should be a compulsory part of your luxury African safari. Firstly if you are taking a Kenya Safari Holiday, then you must […]

Masai Mara Safari Kenya Tour & Vacation

Masai Mara game reserve highlights-Kenya one animal park Masai Mara Kenya animal safari has many advantages over other national parks in Kenya. Masai Mara safari is the most favorite with Kenya tourists. A Kenya wildlife park safari is never complete without a visit to the Masai Mara. Masai Mara safari packages offers uninterrupted wildlife viewing […]