Kenya Budget Safaris

When going to Africa you can go on the budget camping safari at Amboseli National Park, or at Masai Mara. The regular departure date is Sunday except for the month of May. During this camping safari you are set up to stay in a small camp which is a great way for you to experience […]

A Kenya Safari Holiday To Tsavo National Park

A Kenya Safari Holiday is unlikely to take you to more than one or two National parks, but you should check out Salt Lick Lodge at the Tsavo National Park if that is one National Park you are thinking of visiting on your Safari in Kenya. Salt Lick Safari Lodge is right in the middle […]

Africa Family Vacation-best Africa Family Vacation in Kenya

Family vacations in Kenya are packaged to suit the needs of a family group traveling with kids to Africa. Family safari vacations in Kenya usually visit the Kenya famous national parks and the famous Kenya beach. Kenya national parks have different rates for family members. Masai Mara Family Vacation of Africa Kenya The most visited […]

The Thar Desert Camel Safari

The Desert Camel Safaris of India are one of the most adventurous and romantic holiday getaways. The Thar Desert has magnificent citadels and extremely colorful and un-spoilt villages, with a colorful culture and rich historic background. To truly experience the desert you must be on a camel. A camel safari is a great way to […]

Cheap Tanzania Safaris

It would be great if the profits from the safari and the experience that you have enjoyed, return to the place where you got to get the experience from. Unfortunately, booking with a local operator only ensures this to a certain extent for it does not necessarily guarantee that the return for the local community […]

Why You Must Visit These Top Five African Safari Destinations!

Going on African safari would be the adventure of a lifetime for many. Africa, despite it’s political unrest and problems over the last century is still a mysterious and beautiful part of the planet and to see it once will provide lifetime memories. But what part of Africa do you want to see? The great […]