Tanzania Safari: The Seat Of Marvel

The best things in nature are those that were preserved since God created Earth. Tanzania, being one of the places, which for many years have been attempting to preserve its natural beauty, asserts the wonders that may seem to have come directly from the Creator’s hands. Its beauty is unrivalled, its resources vast. Tanzania is […]

Unveil the Majestic Charm of Africa With Cheap Africa Flight Tickets

Africa is a huge continent and a great travel destination. Many people choose to travel to Africa for their honeymoon or romantic vacation with Cheap Africa Flight Tickets. Africa has some of the best beaches in the world. The continent has some strikingly beautiful islands dotted along the Indian Ocean. The island of Seychelles and […]

Ideas For Safari Decorations

What is your idea of a safari?It will depend on how you interpret the word. Safari is a Swahili word that implies journey or travel. This typically means journey for survival’s sake or travel to scour for areas of habitat. Nonetheless, since the earliest exploration of the African safaris and the inevitable bloom of the […]

African Eden Kenya Coast Diving Safari Holiday

The African Safari Tours Offer An Adventure You Will Not Forget

For a great number of people, there is just something about the African continent that calls out to people in ways that are unique. All of the amazing sounds, smells and sights of this land can be enjoyed and experienced by taking African safari tours. These safari journeys give the adventurer a chance to be […]

African Safari Wildlife – Interesting Animal Facts to Take on Safari

At certain times of the year during winter, sparse vegetation or drought, a leopard tortoise will eat calcified dung to help with shell development or egg laying; giraffe will suck on large bones, using their tongue to manipulate the bone in and out of their mouth to obtain trace elements such as calcium and phosphorous. […]