North Island Lodge, North Island Seychelles

To say that North Island is one of the forty granitic islands of the Seychelles, which are located around the two main islands of Mahé and Praslin gives you the reader no idea of what awaits you if you choose the North Island Lodge as your holiday destination.

North Island was until recently uninhabited, and the new owners came up with a concept that involves reintroducing almost extinct species of wildlife to the island, to make it the way it was two hundred years ago.

One of the endangered species introduced has been a few very privileged human beings!! A few because North Island Lodge is very expensive, very exclusive, very romantic, and very special, and therefore only for the very few.

North Island is definitely for those who seek an unspoiled tropical haven of peace and tranquility.

and is quite open about being aimed at the top end of the market, providing the very best in privacy, location, accommodation, services and facilities to the most discerning and privileged world travelers.

There are only 12 guest villas, with staff who will go to every length to pamper you, and enable you to relax and unwind.

The villa we stayed in was very spacious, very private, with a private pool and a giant circular day bed to lie around on, it had a name which I can’t remember.

The room attendant was there when we wanted him and then magically disappeared when he wasn’t needed, except we didn’t have to tell him that!! He kept everything immaculate, and seemed to learn very quickly what we wanted in our freezer.

We are very much ‘foodies’ and that part of our stay deserved especial praise. Everything was fresh, from the fruit in our cocktails to the fish

We liked the dining area, which was wide open, and yet somehow private.

There was so much space between tables you always felt as if you were alone, even if the dining area was packed out with four other tables occupied!!

Don’t be shy to ask for particular favourites, your requests will be cheerfully met, and carried out quickly and efficiently.

If you wantto see photographs of this barefoot paradise go to

Two final things, although you would feel this is an island for couples, children are genuinely welcomed, and very well entertained, to the extent they were definitely seen but not heard!!

In fact the activity options which include sailing, hiking, mountain biking, and massages, were more than enough to keep us occupied between meals!!

If you can afford it, and it isn’t cheap you need to go to North Island Lodge

By: Lucy R. Tucker

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