Masai Mara Safari Kenya Tour & Vacation

Masai Mara game reserve highlights-Kenya one animal park

Masai Mara Kenya animal safari has many advantages over other national parks in Kenya. Masai Mara safari is the most favorite with Kenya tourists. A Kenya wildlife park safari is never complete without a visit to the Masai Mara. Masai Mara safari packages offers uninterrupted wildlife viewing in either open land rover 4×4 vehicles or in safari minivans. The Masai Mara Kenya is famous for its large herds of plains game and the many black maned African lion prides of Masai Mara.

Masai Mara Wildlife Safari

The Masai Mara offers diverse wildlife among the plains including over 40 prides of African lion, elephants, giraffe, rhino, leopards, cheetahs and other plains game. So concentrated is the wildlife in Masai Mara Kenya that you will hardly drive for a100 yards without meeting either an elephant, giraffe, or a lion family. The wildlife in Masai Mara game reserve is used to vehicles and will not run off on seeing you. Rather, the lions tend to converge on the shade of your car and the cheetah uses your car roof to take a vantage view of the plains. Most people that have made a visit to the Masai Mara Kenya have complained of running out of camera memory sticks before running out of wildlife to photograph.

Masai Mara Sightseeing Safari In Kenya

The Masai Mara landscape is all savannah with tall grass that glitters with the morning sun and shimmers golden with the sunset. The savannah plains of masaimara safari are uninterrupted by tree cover. Forests in the Masai Mara are only found in hilly and riverine systems. Game viewing in the Masai Mara safari is therefore an incredible experience and you are able to spot wildlife from miles away. The undulating plains create a feeling on unending fields filled to the brim with majestic Masai Mara wildlife.

Masai Mara Wildebeest Migration Safari In Kenya

The most inspiring phenomenon for which the Masai Mara is known is by no doubt the annual wildebeest migration across the plains from Serengeti Tanzania. The over two and a half million wildebeest, a quarter of a million zebra and a smattering of other plains game cross over plains, rivers and meadows to reach young grass. Following the cycle of rains in the Masai Mara, the wildebeest migrate in an ever so determined match to the promised grass. Viewing the migration from a Masai Mara balloon safari is an awesome experience where the wildebeest spread from one horizon to the next ever so slowly moving as they feed on the grass. Several prides of lion will be seen following them at a far distance from the last flank.

Masai Mara Safari Packages

There are several Masai Mara safari packages that are on offer from operators of safari in Kenya. This may vary according to the interests of each safari group to the Masai Mara. The most common however is the Kenya migration safari in the Masai Mara in the months of august, September and October. Although the migration season is predictable, the exact time of the wildebeest migration in Masai Mara is never certain. It could happen in the first week of august or the middle of September. However, due to the large numbers involved, the wildebeest migration takes about 2 months to cross the Masai Mara plains. One can get them at any time within this season of the migration since the wildebeest migration route is somewhat definite. Some of the most popular Masai Mara safari packages include;

Masai Mara African lion safari and vacation

Masai Mara elephant animal safari Kenya

Luxury family safari Masai Mara Kenya

Safari tent camping safari Masai Mara

Masai Mara lodge wildlife safari

Balloon safari in Masai Mara Kenya

Wildebeest/gnu migration safari in Masai Mara

Bird watching safari in Masai Mara Kenya

Classic hunting safari in Masai Mara Kenya

Sightseeing safari in Masai Mara Kenya

Scenic safari Masai Mara vacation

Wilderness animal safari Masai Mara Kenya

Masai Mara tented luxury camp safari

Masai Mara flight safaris in Kenya west

Masai Mara road safaris in Kenya

Kenya Masai Mara Safari Lodges

There are many Kenya safari lodges in the Masai Mara that offer real African jungle experience. Some of the best Masai Mara safari lodge options offer game drives, ensuite bathrooms, African safari decoration, buffet dining for even the vegetarians on Kenya safari, room service, swimming pool, a gift shop, internet on Kenya safari lodges among others. Masai Mara lodges are usually located near Mara river bank, Masai Mara hills and on forested areas. There are some good Masai Mara safari lodges located inside and outside of the reserve. Some of the best Masai Mara lodges are sited on the escarpment with a wonderful sightseeing view of the Masai Mara wildlife below. Some of the most famous Masai Mara safari lodges include;

Governor’s camp-best Masai Mara luxury lodge

Siana springs camp-4 star Masai Mara safari camp

Keekorok lodge-medium budget Masai Mara family safari lodge

Mara Serena lodge- Masai safari décor lodge in Masai Mara with best view swimming pool

Sarova Mara game camp-top Masai Mara discount safari lodge with a good swimming pool

Fig tree camp-top masaimara river safari camp lodge

Mara river camp-top end Masai Mara luxury safari lodge

Cottas camp-classic Masai Mara hunting safari camp

Sekenani camp-popular Masai Mara safari camp

Mara simba lodge- good Masai Mara wildlife vacation lodge

Base camp-budget Masai Mara safari camp

Riverside camp-budget Masai Mara tour camp by the river

Mpata safari club- top end Jacuzzi Masai Mara safari lodge

Rekero camp- most luxury Masai Mara safari camp

Mara Sopa lodge- famous Masai Mara safari lodge with good view

Most of these lodges can be booked from your Masai Mara safari operator in Nairobi Kenya. Make sure you enjoy the most of Masai Mara Kenya wildlife safari tour.

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Masai Mara safari can be a very fun and wilderness adventure vacation in Kenya Africa. You need patience to observe the most of the wildlife. Never be rushed through your safari game drive in the Mara.

Have a wildlife full safari in Kenya!!

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