Luxury Safari

If you and were family would like to go on a luxurious African safari, The Conservation Corporation Africa is probably a safari tour company for you to try. They have more than 40 wonderful camps that you can enjoy.

One great example is the African walking safari in which you get to see everything that nature in Africa has to offer. They give you the opportunity to take part in five-hour morning walks every day, a short pre-sunset walk and night drive combination by doing this you are guaranteed to see a wide range of animals.

To make sure that you are absolutely comfortable with your setting, they offer you luxurious en suite tents for you to sleep in which even have flushing toilets, comfortable beds, and enjoyable dinners around the fire. This is great for families, however children must be a minimum of 16 years of age.

The Savute Game Reserve is also an excellent choice because you are guaranteed to see beautiful leopards and cheetahs in their natural environment. If you go at the right time too might be able to catch the amazing zebra migration in the rainy season which is during the months of January and February. You will also get to see the kings and queens of the savannah none other then lions.

However animals are not Africa’s only attraction and you will certainly find that out on the Okavango Delta in Botswana. It has the world’s largest inland delta. You get to see a maze of sparkling lagoons, overgrown islands and of course wildlife.

The list of safaris that you can go on is endless and there are so many different adventures and expeditions that you can take part in. So if you are looking for something that will leave you stunned and with a lot of memories go on one of the many luxury African safaris.

By: Munya Chinongoza

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