Lost my permanent card before go on a trip.urgent?

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BB asked:

Unfortunately, I lost my wallet and I also lost my PR card just 5 weeks before my trip to Africa that we have planned 4 months. I called CIC and they said the urgent PR card still requires 4 weeks time to process. The agent said I can apply for a travel document in local canadian visa office.

However, I notice that apply for a travel document needs to be outside of Canada and it require at least 1 week to process the application. We are only going to stay in Kenya for 8 days and when we finish the safari will be on Sunday.

Is there anyway I can apply for a travel document within Canada? I will be staying in NYC for 1 business day. Will they issue me a travel document right away?

I am so unlucky! We have spent lots of money on this trip and I can’t cancelled it.. What can I do?