Kenya Tour Africa-kenya Tour: Top Kenya Beach, Animal, Park Tour

The Kenya animal tour largely includes the search for the big five animals. These Kenya tours are packaged such that they highlight the animal parks in Kenya that feature the below African animals including the:

  1. African lion safari tour in Kenya
  2. Elephant animal Kenya tour
  3. Rhino animal Kenya tour
  4. Buffalo animal tour
  5. Leopard animal Kenya tour

The above are the main big five most sought wildlife in Kenya and possibly the rest of Africa. The big five Kenya Africa animals are mostly found within Kenya national parks. This means that the Kenyan tour will unavoidably feature several national parks and game reserves in Kenya. Each of these Kenya tour national parks has different characteristics ad strengths as compared to others. While some will be strong in the diversity and density of Kenya wildlife, others will have more scenic attractions like mountains and lakes.

While other Kenya tour parks will have more of the plains game, others will feature massive populations of migratory and resident birds. There are Kenya Africa tour parks with small rivers while others will have huge rivers with many crocodiles, hippos and a snaking riverine system among grey and drab surrounding arid ecosystems. It is therefore highly advisable to sample at least three of the most popular animal parks in Kenya.

Other Kenya tour animals that attract an equally enthusiastic following are the plains game including the tallest giraffe, the warthog, elands, bushbucks, reedbucks, topi, gazelles, hartebeest, wildebeest, and impalas among others.

Kenya national parks tour is a mixture of divergent attractions ranging from some mountain Kenya parks to savannah parks. From arid thorny and scorchy Kenya national parks in the north to the lush green and dense vegetation parks at the coast. A proper Kenya animal tour should be at least 4-8 days long so as to be able to have ample time to sample more than two national parks. It actually makes more economic sense to spend that amount of time given the high cost of air tickets to Kenya in Africa. Some of the most popular Kenya animal parks tours include:

  1. Masai Mara game reserve lion and wildebeest tour
  2. Amboseli national park tour elephant animal tour
  3. Tsavo west & east national parks tour
  4. Lake Nakuru national park Kenya tour
  5. Mt Kenya national park mountain climbing Kenya tour
  6. Aberdares national park tree hotel Kenya tour
  7. Nairobi national park tour Kenya rhino tour
  8. Shaba National Park North Kenya tour
  9. Meru national park jungle and wilderness tour
  10. Malindi Marine national park Kenya goggling tour
  11. Kisite Mpunguti Marine national park Kenya dolphin swimming tour
  12. Mombasa marine national park safari Kenya snorkeling tour
  13. Watamu marine national park and reserve
  14. Kakamega national reserve bird watching tour
  15. Buffalo springs national reserve north Kenya tour
  16. Arabuko sokoke National forest reserve Kenya coastal tour

These are only a fraction of the many Kenya national park animal tours available. In total Kenya has over 55 terrestrial and marine parks and reserves that a visitor can choose from.

Kenya beach tour-Mombasa Kenya best beach tour spot

Not only is Kenya endowed with extravagant wildlife park tour spots but it also has a coastline to die for. The Kenyan coast is separated into the southern mainland, a central Mombasa island that is also the commercial centre and Kenya coastal city and the longer northern mainland that stretches to Lamu and Somalia further north.

Kenya Africa Kenya coast is characterised by white sandy beaches, turquoise coloured warm waters, long pararrel coral reef protecting the shore from breaking waves and the nasties of the deep. Mombasa is synonymously used to mean the Kenya coast and beaches. Mombasa Kenya beaches have been developed to offer many 5 star luxury beach hotels offering a plethora of water based Kenya tour activities; among the famous Kenya water sports tours include:

  1. Scuba diving Mombasa beach tour
  2. Kite surfing Mombasa beach tour
  3. Swimming with dolphins Kenya beach tour
  4. Para sailing Mombasa Kenya beach tour
  5. Banana boat beach riding
  6. Mombasa dhow romantic tours
  7. Wind surfing Mombasa beach tour
  8. Jet skiing tours
  9. Snorkeling Mombasa beach tour
  10. Goggling Mombasa beach tours
  11. Beach parachuting tour
  12. Glass bottomed boat beach tours
  13. Mombasa Kenya cruise tour
  14. Angling Mombasa Kenya tour

The top hotels at the Kenyan coast offer high standards of service comparable to anywhere else in the world. The type of hotels at the Mombasa beach in Kenya range to suit the different needs of the Kenya holidays traveler. The types of Kenya beach hotels include:

  1. Mombasa beach hotel complexes
  2. Mombasa Kenya beach cottages
  3. Mombasa Kenya beach resorts
  4. Mombasa Kenya beach clubs
  5. Mombasa Kenya beach condos
  6. Mombasa Kenya beach vacation rentals
  7. Mombasa Kenya home owner vacation rentals
  8. Mombasa Kenya beach villas
  9. Mombasa Kenya beach inns
  10. Mombasa Kenya beach camping sites
  11. Mombasa Kenya beach homes
  12. Mombasa Kenya beach private houses

Some of the most popular Kenya coast hotels offer a variety of services including water sports, air conditioned rooms, conference facilities, free form swimming pools, pool bars, tennis, several beach bars, valet services, room service, VIP club beach houses, TVs, minifridges, hot showers, shuttle services, variety of restaurants offering different Kenya coast culinary tour experience among other gazillion offers.