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Kenya wildlife is found in the most natural parks you will find in Africa. The Kenya wildlife is mostly found within the boundaries of national parks and reserves. These are wilderness araeas that have been set aside for the purposes of wildlife conservation. Each of these kenya national animal parks has its own characteristic and kenya travellers are better off sampling each and every park on its own.

The parks range from the snow –capped mountains to the low savannah grasslands; from the scenic knuckle shaped ranges of the aberdares national park to the rough arid national parks of samburu, shaba and buffalo springs;from the undulating picturesque landscape of the rift valley to the central green and lush central kenya highlands;from the white powdery sandy beaches with turquoise colored water to the inland blue-green crater lakes.

The kenya tour wildlife found in these parks is equally diverse as the vegetation and landscape in these Africa kenya national parks. The Kenya mountain parks host a unique array of wildlife including the rare giant forest hog, the extremely rare, shy and endangered bongo, the magnificent and rare black coated mountain leopard, the african lynx, the smaller mountain elephant,the african lion, duikers among many others.

Kenya north parks are famous for their rather different animals some of which are among the most endangered and rare species including the rothschild giraffe, the beisa oryx and the kenya grevy’s zebra. Other animals in north kenya tour parks include the african lion animal, the cheetah animal, leopard, elephants, buffalo, gerenuk, water bucks, common zebra, coke’s hertebeest, birds among others.

Masai Mara Migration Tour In Kenya Africa

This article would not be complete if mention was not made of most popular Kenya national park. The Masai mara Kenya is by far the best national park/reserve. Forming only a smaller section of the vast Serengeti plains in tanzania, the masai mara is by far the most famous Kenyan national park. The kenya masai mara is located in the southern kenya tourism circuit right in the midst of the kenya masai warrior country.

The vast savannah landscape with unending vistas of grass velds supports the highest numbers of wildlife in kenya. The panoramic and usually breathtaking golden plains are home to Kenya’s most wide variety of plains game, predators, amphibians and reptiles. One of the masai mara wildlife best advantage is the ease at which seeing the wildlife affords. It matters little the gate that you access the masai mara national reserve through. The mara wildlife starts right at the entrance all the way to your lodge.

I must say the number of african lions you see will leave you satiated and full of glee. It is only in the masai mara that a herd of elephants will graze 1 foot away from your tour van window, a pride of lion will lie beside your vehicle for that welcome shade and a female cheetah will mount on your car’s bonnet or roof for the vantage view of prey or even better an african lion’s kill of a zebra happening right next to your vehicle. The perfect kenya animal tour climax and Kenya photographic tour closure.

By far, the most spectacular of all masai mara kenya tour attractions remains the mammoth wildebeest migration through plains and rivers in the masai mara. Driven by the sheer will to get to fresher grass fields and the annual difference of rains cycle in the masai mara and the serengeti plains, the wildebeest cover over 1000km of wilderness in a non-defined circle to reach the fresh grass. The masai mara wildebeest migrate accompanied by an army of zebras and other plains game. The kenya migration tour in masai mara is such a huge phenomenon that satellites in space pick it up as a real time moving mass of black shade on the screen.

The wildebeest migration tour in masai mara involves over 1.5 million gnus accompanied by atleast a quarter of a million zebras. Since food is moving, the predators, including the awesome african lion accompany the blue wildebeest across valleys, velds and rivers as they eat the weak and lost in the africa’s grandest wildlife march. Nothing is as breathtaking as observing the wildbeest rivercrossings in the masai mara. Accumilating in their thousands on the first masai mara river bank, hesitant of taking the first leap, the front line are eventually forced by the pushing rear mass of thousands of wildebeest into the river.

That first leap into the nile crocodile infested river prompts the trepidation-filled 5 feet leaps of the gnu into the river, desparate to overcome the treacherous mara river crossing to the promised land. The sheer numbers of the fearfull, leaping and kicking wildebeest catches the crocodile by surprise forcing them to give way from the stampede and guaranteed death from trampling.

The carnage of the river crossing, even without the help from crocodiles in the masai mara river result mainly from the stampede drowning and breaking the spines of others already in the river. This keeps the crocs happy for the next month or two. I gues they must be impatiently watching their calendars by now for the next annual wildbeest migration in the masai mara. So intense is the moment of a masai mara wildebeest river crossing that the splash into the water sounds like a thousand raging waterfalls. You really don’t want to miss a wildebeest masai mara river crossing !

Arranging for your kenya africa animal tour is easy with an experienced tour operator in kenya. Most of the bookings for the masai mara have to be done a year to six months in advance as the masai mara lodges tend to fill up 3 full months to the Africa Kenya migration season. So have your kenya animal tour bookings dne in advance.

Doing Your Kenya Tour Research on the Internet

Well not everyone who comes to kenya goes for the wildebeest migration tour. In most cases travellers to kenya will be driven by a variety of motivations and in need to see a diverse array of attractions. As mentioned ealier, there are a plethora of Kenya africa attractions to keep you busy for a month or more, pocket size allowing.

The most challenging job is in finding a suitable safari ltd website in kenya that offers the exact match to what you are looking for in a kenyan tour. The trick lies in knowing exactly the kind of kenya tour you are interested in and then searching the same for a variety of results. Below I have included the possible kenya tour areas of interest that will make your online research easier as can be. Remember that disgretion on the information and the type of tour outfitter you choose is the most important step in planning your african animal tour.