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Kenya all inclusive safari packages

Africa kenya safari packages can be combined to include an African animal park safari in the interior of the country, a budget Kenya beach safari holiday, a Kenya sightseeing landmark safari, a Kenya park safari adventure tour, a Kenya animal safari which includes hunting (with a camera of course) of the big five Kenya animals.

Kenya park safari is not without a wide spectrum of national parks. These are some of the most wild areas in Africa and offer a variety of spectacular panorama, mountains, rivers and lakes. Each of the Kenya national safari parks has a distinct attraction that drives tourists there in droves. It is a wise idea to include several of these safari parks in Kenya in your itinerary. Some of the most popular Kenya safari parks include:

Masai mara Kenya safari-this is by far the most popular national park safari. The masai mara offers the largets concentration of wildlife in Kenya africa. With over 40 African lion prides, an even larger herds of elephant animals, giraffes, leopards, highest cheetah populations, buffalo, rhinoand many plains game. This is where the Kenya masai mara Big Cats documentary shown on BBC is religiously shot.

Many other documentaries featuring the wildebeest migration have been shot here. The most famous annual event in the kenya masai mara reserve is the wildebeest/gnu migration. This is reffered to as the kenya migration in the masai mara and involves over 2.5 million wildebeest and about ¼ million zebra. The migration moves from the Tanzanian serengeti to the masai mara in what geographers have defined as the only migration of its magnitude to exist anywhere else in the world.

Amsoseli national safari park-located on the shadows of Mt Kilimanjaro, this park is highly visited due to its proximity to Nairobi. The amboseli elephants herd are so huge that virtually any corner of the park is clustered with them. The amboseli has become synonymous to an African safari image as it is the famous africa post card safari photo of an elephant with the background of the bald shaped snow-capped mt. Kilimanjaro. You will be able to see the snow-capp of the mt. Kilimanajaro on a clear day. The mt. Kilimanjaro safari park in amboseli has a lot of springs that elephants like to wallow in as they feed from the vegetation. This is also a formidable population of hippo animals in the Amboseli safari park.

Tsavo national park-this 20,000km2 kenya safari park is the size of Israel and of course the largest park in Kenya. it is divided into the tsavo east and tsavo west national safari parks of Kenya. Tsavo east national park is divided right in the middle by the magnonimous river Galana. There are many 5 star luxury safari camps in Tsavo mainly located along the river. Among the main attractions in Tsavo is the mudanda rock, the 300km yatta plateau bluff, the thundering Lugard falls, aruba dam, tsavo river among others.

Tsavo was made famous by the man eater African lions of Tsavo that decimated over 240 railway line workers in the late 1800. The film “The ghost and the Darkness paints the picture albeit abit exaggerated. This is popularly referred to as the African man eater lions safari park in kenya. Tsavo west on the other hand has very grand scenery including beautiful mountains, the 93 million litres a day mzima springs with its resident hippo and undergaround observation chamber.Other ken ya national parks safari include:

  1. Lake nakuru kenya safari park-flamingos paradise
  2. Samburu national park-nothern kenya bliss
  3. Mt kenya national park safari
  4. Aberdares mountain park in kenya safari
  5. Nairobi national park safari
  6. Hells gate national park
  7. Shimba hills national park
  8. Shaba National Park safari
  9. Nasalot national park
  10. Sibiloi national park in north kenya safari
  11. Chyulu Hills national park
  12. Longonot national park safari
  13. Meru national park
  14. Bisanadi national park
  15. Saiwa swamp national park
  16. Central island national park
  17. Ruma national park
  18. Ol donyo Sabuk national park
  19. Marsabit national park
  20. Ndere Island National Park
  21. South Island national park
  22. Mt. Elgon National park
  23. Kiunga marine national park safari
  24. Malindi Marine national park
  25. Kisite Mpunguti Marine national park safari
  26. Mombasa marine national park safari
  27. Laikipia national reserve
  28. Ngai Ndethya National reserve
  29. Kora national reserve
  30. Marsabit national reserve
  31. Dodori national reserve
  32. Watamu marine national park and reserve
  33. Rimoi national reserve
  34. South Turkana national reserve
  35. Losai national reserve
  36. Malka mali national reserve
  37. Kakamega national reserve
  38. Mwea national reserve
  39. Buffalo springs national reserve
  40. Kitui south game reserve
  41. Kitui north national reserve safari
  42. Arawale national reserve
  43. Tana river primate national reserve safari
  44. Boni national reserve
  45. Arabuko sokoke National forest reserve
  46. Rahole national reserve
  47. Kisumu impala sanctuary
  48. Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary
  49. Mararal national sanctuary

The most popular kenya animal safaris in the above parks include the below and can be done in several Kenyan parks.

  1. Africa kenya elephant animal safari
  2. African lion safari animal in kenya
  3. Giraffe animal kenya safari
  4. Rhino animal kenya safari
  5. Buffalo animal kenya safari
  6. African Leopard animal safari
  7. African lynx kenya animal safari
  8. Africa kenya cheetah animal safari
  9. Kenya beach safari-Best africa beach holiday spot

Beach safaris in kenya also offer a variety of activity or water sports based choices. Africa kenya beach safaris offer a wide choice of actvities that range from a passive whiling away at a beach resort in kenya to the active beach sports on the idyllic white sands of the kenyan coast. Among the various africa kenya water safari sports include:

  1. Kenya wind surfing safari
  2. Keya beach kite surfing safari
  3. Kenya scuba diving safari
  4. African kenya cruise safari
  5. Kenya dhow safari
  6. Beach soccer safari in kenya
  7. Deep sea fishing safari in kenya
  8. Beach parasailing safari in africa kenya
  9. Kenya beach jetskiing safari
  10. Africa kenya hobie skiff safari
  11. Banana boats safari in kenya
  12. Snorkeling safari in kenya
  13. Suntan at Kenya beach safari

One can also decide to spend a rest and relaxation beach safari in Kenya winding down from rigors of work. The most important aspect of any Kenya coast safari is to be able to relax. In this case coast activities are usually laid back if not completely absent.

Kenya lake safari-the great rift valley of africa lake safaris

Kenya lake safaris are mainly concentrated in the many lakes on the floor of the great rift valley. These Kenyan lakes are usually home to over 400 species of birds and other wildlife. Lake safari tour packages in Kenya tend to be quite relaxing. One is bound to also see a diverse number of kenya safari wildlife in and around these lakes. Kenya holidays lakes also have strategically located 5 star lodges and camps that offer unparalleled accommodation in usually a traditional comfort ambience.Picturesque are these rift valley lakes that you will be guaranteed of running out of camera film or memory sticks. Among the most famous landmark Kenya lake safari places are:

Lake Magadi soda Menya safari destination

Lake naivasha kenya safari-the best lake holiday spot in kenya with resident hippos and birds

Lake nakuru safari-over 2.5 million flamingo paradise and rhino sanctuary in kenya. other kenya animals include giraffe, cheeatah, african kenya lions, buffalo and hippo.

Kenya lake baringo safari-best birdwatching safari lake in kenya including swimming elephants and crocodiles.The Njemps are the only kenya masai warrior tribe that depends on fish and boating in inspiring reed-made rafts.

Lake Bogoria safari in kenya-the lake with a mountainous background and many hotspings and geysers that boil eggs.

Lake Turkana safari in kenya- the jade sea of africa with blue soapy water and giant crocodiles. Lake turkana of kenya safari also has three islands with the central island having a magnificent blue-green crater lake with prehistoric fish and lifeforms. This is the main attraction for the kenya north safaris and overland holidays to this arid northern kenya frontiers. Also has some kenya walking safaris.

Lake victoria safaris in Kenya-this is the second largest lake in the world next to lake superior in USA. Famous for fishing and swimming safaris. Also has several islands and Kenya lake safari lodges and camps.

Is is as such good practice to know what your are looking for for your Africa kenya safari. Your motivation could be the kenya animals, the beach, sights and scenery,lakes, parks, towns, tribes, wilderness etc. This article is purposed to assist you in making that crucial decision as to what Kenya has to offer that corresponds with your interests.

Have a wondeful kenyan safari!!