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Kenya tourism seasons

Kenya high tourism season begins in august through October with some activity in December and January. The low season in Kenya tourism is between February and April, May through June is the shoulder season for Kenyan tourism. Mid season is the period of November and January of every year. The most Advance Kenya online and agent safari bookings are done in the mid and low seasons of every year. However there are also very much activity during the high season in regard to tour bookings. As in all other areas of human life, the rush hour bookings will always be there.

In Kenya safari country of Africa, the tourism rush happens right in the high season. Last minute online Kenya tour and safari bookings are at their fever pitch. The biggest challenge is that most of the flights and lodges in Kenya are virtually full. The Kenya last minute safari bookings are a matter of give and take where a traveler expects as much as is humanly possible. Some get lucky some don’t- cest la vie’. In most cases however, those that persist on getting their rooms and flights eventually do get them. With the able assistance from the Kenya travel agencies in Nairobi, you will most likely get a vacation room and flight seat.

Avoiding the Last Minute Kenya Safari

Kenya holidays tour in the last minute can be a nightmare to organize. Almost every other Kenya lodge, Kenya flight and group tour package seems to have become full a day or an hour just before your enquiry. Last minute Kenya travel is not necessarily that hard. All one needs to do is to be prepared to confirm availability of whatever seat, lodges and camps available, as long as beds don’t have the bugs. It would be foolhardy to expect that you will get Kenya hotel rooms at a days notice especially in the months of august through October.

In order to avoid the rush in the last minute Kenya vacation bookings, you need to sometimes be prepared to pay immediately a vacancy is available. Just like the rush that accompanies a full house theatre seat that suddenly becomes available, Kenya last minute holidays opportunity is usually in high demand. Whoever has the cash on hand when its opens up grabs it and that is that.

Are you on a Kenya last minute waiting list?

Sometimes Kenya last minute hotels and lodges have a waiting list from here to the border. Depending on the length of the list, your tour operators in Kenya should be able to keep you updated on the status of your favorite lodge bookings. If you have paid in advance, your money for reservation should also be remitted to the lodge immediately on availability. As the particular Kenya safari hotel rooms continue to open, the waiting list gets shorter and your chances of getting that room increase. However, it is never a guarantee that your turn will be up by the time the rooms open, the list could still be a yard stick away.

When you are making Kenya safari bookings in last minute, you should have a measure of patience. Instruct your Kenya safari agent or ltd to hold it out until about a week to arrival, at the same time let them reserve and be in the waiting list of other 3 alternate hotel just in case. In the vent that your favourite Kenya safari hotel is not available they will be able to book you into the alterative tour lodges in Kenya.

What are your options to Kenya last minute tour bookings?

In some instances the demand for Kenya last minute lodge rooms is so high that it’s not worth waiting for a break in the waiting list. In such a case, you should be prepared to make a compromise and accept a mid range Kenya accommodation tour lodge. You will not loose all by making such a compromise, in fact, you should be able to save some money. The lodges in highest demand in Kenya are mostly the wilderness and park lodges and resorts.

If you can be able to accept a mid range Masai Mara lodge, please take it. The experience outside the lodge is far much worth the bed you are sleeping on. It is always advisable not to postpone your Kenya trip because you could not get your favoured lodge. You could compensate your miss-out on a luxury bush lodge in Kenya with a comfortable and luxury stay at a city hotel before or after your animal safari. The city luxury hotels in Kenya are not in as much demand as the lodges in Kenya national parks and other scenic areas.

Kenya last minute vacation lodges and hotels

There are some tour agents in Kenya that offer safaris of Kenya parks during last minute seasons. Some Kenya safari hotels and lodges also offer reserved last minute room vacancies. Some of Kenya best safari lodges include:

  1. Keekorok Lodge Masai Mara
  2. Fig tree tented Lodge
  3. Mara Serena lodge in Masai Mara
  4. Kilaguni lodge in tsavo west national park
  5. Oltukai lodge in Amboseli national park
  6. Naivasha country club in Lake Naivasha vacation spot
  7. Treetops lodge in Aberdares national park
  8. Mt. Kenya safari club in mt. Kenya national park
  9. Rift valley resort club
  10. Mombasa Kenya beach hotel
  11. White sands beach hotel
  12. Sun n’ sand beach hotel
  13. Leisure beach resort and golf club
  14. Nyali beach hotel
  15. Reef beach hotel
  16. Baobab beach resort
  17. Lamu House

There are also many other Kenya last minute vacation lodges located in national parks and reserves. The Kenya last minute safari tour bookings takes patience and some compromise sometime when lodges are evidently scarce. In most cases all tourists that arrive in Kenya end up with the Kenya holiday lodge that they intended to get in the first place. The key here is to work with your Kenya holiday operator such that they keep you in the loop with any progress in getting you vacancy in the best possible lodge.

Get your last minute Kenya safari tour bookings online though, it tend to be faster, or better call your Kenya vacation agent up and book directly.

All the same enjoy your Kenya last minute vacation trip