Hunting Safaris in Namibia

This destination is an elevated 5,200 feet over the central high plains and the temperature is very hot, this is Namibia for you. They have an arid climate however that climate is actually a benefit because it provides a malaria free zone for hunting safaris.

There are no mosquitos around to pass on malaria or yellow fever and in general they seem to have a low insect population. Nambia Hunting Outfitter offers a wide variety of hunting opportunities. These hunting opportunities range from plains game hunting, cheetah hunting, and leopard hunting.

They have been trophy hunting for years and their plain games species that they hunt include kudu, Oryx and blue wild beast as well as 17 other species. Ozondjahe is the premier of their hunting safaris and take great pride in the way that they conduct their safaris.

They have one of the largest privately owned game reserves and covers roughly 75,000 acres if you go there it can be a hunting experience of a life time that you can enjoy. Their clients keep getting top quality trophies and according to the Namibia 85% of their hunting trophies meet gold metal standards, which is just one of the reasons why people keep returning and new clients keep arriving to participate in their safaris.

You have the opportunity to choose the way that you want to hunt. You can either hunt one on one with you and the professional hunter, or you can also hunt with a friend and a professional, both offer great experiences. Depending on the season there are many different experiences provided. You can even go on a bow hunting safari in a 4X4 vehicle. They even have a dangerous game hunting safari and just from it’s name you know in advance that it is extremely dangerous. So if you are going to Namibia, be sure to enjoy one of their hunting safaris.

By: Munya Chinongoza

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