How To Choose An African Safari And Save Money

Adventure holidays don’t come any better than an African safari. The problem many are faced with is lack of knowledge about safaris and budget restraints.

In this article, we’ll give you some tips in how to find the right African safari for you and your family and how to save on costs.

Choosing Your Destination

This is your first step. Once you know where you’re going then you can start to plan around it. Planning for a safari is vital. There are many things to consider such as:

– clothing requirements

– health risks

– political climate which means the area you may be visiting could be volatile

– budget requirements

There are two ways you can decide upon your destination. Either pick one country and make that your safari destination or choose several as part of a tour.

One important piece of advice you should adhere to is if you are inexperienced in traveling through Africa then the second option is not a good idea if you are planning to do it on your own. Why? Because there could be many pitfalls you will be unaware of. Remember, there are still areas considered volatile in Africa and you and your family’s safety should be your prime concern.

Visiting several destinations in your initial visit is best achieved within a tour situation. You’ll have experienced guides at the helm whose prime role is to keep you out of harms way and to have an unforgettable experience.

If decide to visit one destination then there are some great choices. This will be difficult but a short list to help you make your decision includes South Africa which has the famed Kruger National Park, Botswana, Tanzania and Kenya.

If you are a real animal enthusiast, then the annual wildbeest migration across the Serengeti will be an experience all on it’s own simply because the animals are on the move. The prey vs. the predator will be on full display and being on safari doesn’t get any better than this.


This is difficult in the sense your main savings will come in securing a good deal with the airline you’re flying with. This will be your main expense and getting the help of a savvy travel agent is a must.

Going on a tour can be a big money saver on an African safari because you know what your cost is up front as opposed to going it alone. Staying at some of the lodges at the various national parks in Africa can set you back a good deal so know what your costs are well beforehand so you don’t receive any unexpected surprises.

By: Dean Caporella

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