Heading to Botswana Safari, Here’s Some Tips on What to Carry

Explore the abundance of Botswana in well-organized safari tours promising some of the best times of your life. Prior making the selection of safari organizer, scan through the options available to make the fullest use of time. Here, we’ll be discussing important things that one should bring on Botswana luxury safaris to enjoy the fun for long:


The selection of clothing on a safari visit must be done according to the season prevailing in Botswana. For example, if you choose the winter time to visit Botswana, you need heavy warm clothes as the weather will be dry and cool during winter. Also, the temperature might go below 20 Celsius.

Form October to April, the country has summer season. If you are planning your trip during summer season, you must get prepared for high temperature. That’s why, it is advised to bring light clothes like t-shirts, shorts, etc. during summer safari. However, you may carry one set of warm clothes as temperature may go down during nights

In foot wears, you can carry water proof sandals or shoes. Make sure you choose the shoes that help you to walk in muddy areas and shallow water too. Bringing a water proof bag is must as you may have to face unpredictable rains in Botswana.


Equipments can be selected mainly on personal preferences and areas that you are planning to visit on your safari

  1. A good set of binoculars for bird watching
  2. A Swiss army knife
  3. A pair of sunglasses
  4. A good sun block cream with high SPF
  5. A hat
  6. Water bottles
  7. Camera with additional rolls
  8. Get a handy pouch to keep your essentials


Travelers who are planning to visit the country during summer season must take some important medicines with them. It is important because during summer, chances of getting infected with Malaria are quite high in Botswana.

  1. Mosquito and Bug Repellent:
  2. Carry Bandages to cover cuts or scrapes
  3. Antibacterial cream for tackling infections
  4. Sunburns cream for minor burns
  5. Eye lotions for protecting sun strain, dryness and sand
  6. Lip cream
  7. Ointment for headaches
  8. Skin moisturizing lotion for dry skin

Visiting Botswana luxury safaris can be a lifetime experience, if enjoyed with proper planning.