Guide to Varieties of Accommodation Facilities in Uganda That are Beyond Imagination:

As a country in the middle of the continent of Africa, very few people will not believe that accommodation in Uganda is of the highest class in the whole of the East African region. Many Visitors and travelers to East Africa have been ending up in Kenya or a Tanzania. But of recent, they have turned to Uganda and I’m sure some few years to come, Uganda tourism sector will grow and bypass that of Kenya and Tanzania.

Ugandans are very proud people and when it comes to competition, they do it with vigor. Of recent, new hotel accommodations have sprung up in every place in Uganda and by now all major towns in Uganda have a cruise of five star hotels.Uganda tourist attraction are scattered in the whole of Uganda and for that matter every corner of Uganda have a best hotel. Don’t be deceived that when you leave Kampala the Capital City of Uganda, you will miss the best accommodation facilities in Uganda, No.Uganda has more than 10 national parks and in each park, there are hotels and other accommodation facilities which range from 5 star hotels up to 0 stars. What will determine your accommodation comfortability is your pocket.

As a core of Uganda businessmen and women Kampala City of Uganda is composed of any Hotel accommodation you will ever think of. With the coming of the internet, one has the choice to browse for the type of hotel he / she wants in Uganda and particularly in Kampala city. But if you don’t need to be bothered, you may come in person and chose from many the one of your choice.Apart from these spacious hotels, Uganda has a variety of apartment rentals which you can rent at a subsidized amount. If you need to learn the culture of Uganda, I don’t see why you should hide yourself in a five star hotel. After all you have traveled to Uganda to get entertained and as you know you can’t learn much about this country when you are in that spacious hotel. But anyway if it is your choice then go ahead and enjoy yourself in those hotels.

If you come to Uganda on a squeezed budget, you need to look at Uganda bed and breakfast accommodation facilities. There are very many of that type in the whole country and I hope if you contact anybody in Uganda, you will be shown where to get these bed and breakfast facilities. It doesn’t even need to use the tour guide to show you these homes because every Uganda citizen likes a foreign visitor. So what you do is to confront any respectable person and you will get you bed and breakfast facility in Uganda.There are those who are like me, I mean the backpackers. Uganda has many backpackers’ hostel facilities. Uganda tourist guides are the best choice to ask about the best hostels for backpackers in whichever corner of Uganda you will be in. There are many places in Uganda where you can set up your tent and sleep. I mean if you like camping. So accommodation in Uganda should worry you less because as I said earlier, it is beyond your imagination.

In conclusion therefore, there is no way to know how much Uganda accommodation facilities are in value, unless you take your time and visit the country normally called the “Pearl of Africa”. And if you want to get pampered like a queen in Uganda, then you need to visit these accommodation facilities in Kampala City and upcountry districts. It is in these places (upcountry districts) that you will have to learn everything about Uganda as far as Uganda culture is concerned. And who ever said that Uganda lack accommodation for visitors and travelers then he/ she needs to think twice because Uganda is far as far as accommodation facilities are concerned.

By: Twinomugisha Charles

About the Author:

About the Author
Twinomugisha Charles is a Retired Tour and Travel Guide in Millennium Tours and Travel Company in Uganda and now works with E-Office Management a company that deals in Computers and Computer Accessories. More of his articles can be found at The Best Hotels in Uganda and at Five Star Hotels in Kampala Uganda

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