Game Reserves in Kenya: Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya National Park is located in the Kenyan Highlands on the slopes of the mountain after which it is named. 150 kilometres North East of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, and just South of the Equator, stands the once active volcano of Mt. Kenya. The Kenyan Highlands are covered in bamboo forests at the lower elevations, giving way to scrub land on the higher slopes, and finally becoming rocks, snow and ice on the mountain peaks.

With its highest peak reaching a height of 5199 metres, Mt. Kenya is Kenya’s highest mountain, and Africa’s second largest after Mt. Kilimanjaro. The Mount Kenya National Park circles the mountain, making one of the most scenic Game Reserves in Kenya.

This is a popular mountain for climbers because the slopes are easier to scale than the intimidating Kilimanjaro. There are also many great hikes and walks in the foothills and the lower slopes. One of the attractions of Mt. Kenya is its anomalous permanent glaciers, which are unexpected given its location almost straddling the equator, and given the high temperatures of Africa’s equatorial climate in general.

No matter whether you attempt the peak or are content to pick your way through the rocks and glaciers on the lower slopes, you will experience majestic views over one of Kenya’s most beautiful national parks.

Lodges and clubs throughout the park specialise in assisting and guiding climbers. The best months for climbing are January/February and August/September. If you come from the lowlands, it may take a few days to acclimatise to the higher elevation of the Mt. Kenya terrain.

Because of its location in the Highlands, the park is home to game and mammals that have adapted to life at higher elevations. You may also be lucky enough to view some of the rare and endangered species that can only be found in this part of the Kenya Game Reserves system, such as the bongo, the largest of the forest antelope, and the several, a medium-sized cat.

There is also a wide variety of alpine and sub alpine flora to be found on the lower slopes where rainfall is plentiful. Come to Mt. Kenya to view the buffalo, lion, and leopard (now rare). Here you will see some rare and unusual birds, such as the purple-throated cuckoo and the red-fronted parrot. You may also see a variety of raptors, along with the very rare lammergeyer, or bearded vulture.

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