Flights to Kenya Africa – How to Find Cheap Flights to Kenya From Uk, Us, India, Canada From Anywhere!

Whenever I am advising a client on how to find the cheapest airfare to Kenya or when I am looking for one for myself, here is what I do.

Check Out Airfare Consolidators That Include African Airlines

The top tip that I have for finding the lowest price air tickets to Kenya is to check out airline consolidator fares, especially those that include African airlines.  What are airline consolidators?  They are wholesalers who buy airline tickets in bulk and then sell them.  They often sell to travel agents who pass on some of these savings.  Travel agencies and consolidators that sell consolidator tickets to the public are also known as bucket shops. You can save a lot by using them – sometimes as much as 70% off of the published airfare for flights to Kenya.

Use An Airfare Search Engine, One That Includes Consolidator Fares

You can also find cheap tickets to Kenya on your own, without a travel agent. How? By using an airfare search engine. What I would strongly recommend however is that you find an airfare search engine that does not restrict its search for airfares to just the airlines themselves. Find one that searches for airfares from consolidators as well. This will increase your chances of finding a discount airfare to Kenya.

Be Flexible – Consider Traveling Through Another Destination

Airlines are increasingly developing hubs.  Hubs are cities that a particular airline has decided is where they will route most of their flights, and thus where passengers will change planes to continue onto their ultimate destination.  For example, London is the hub for British Airways and Virgin.  For Emirates Airlines, whose hub is Dubai in the Middle East, to compete for passengers for its flights to Kenya from the UK, it will generally offer cheaper airfares.  So it may well pay you to look at flights through another destination.

Look at Flying From or To Less Popular Airports

To increase your chances of finding cheap flights to Kenya, take a look at leaving from another airport.  For example, if you are looking for cheap flights from London to Kenya, you should look at both flights from Heathrow and flights to Kenya from Gatwick.

If you follow these simple strategies, you will dramatically increase your chances of finding the lowest air ticket prices on flights to Kenya Africa no matter what the season!

By: michael r. giles

About the Author:

Michael R. Giles, J.D. is a lawyer. He’s been in the travel business since 1998. Finding low airfare is important to his African safari clients. Click cheap air tickets to Kenya to find the same low airfares he does. Visit Michael’s African Safari website & save on Africa airfare.

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