Family Safari Vacation: a Different Kind of Bonding

How does one plan for a family safari vacation? There are a lot of factors to consider when traveling with children and most of it will depend on their age. But there’s no reason to worry because African Safaris cater to visitors of all ages. Of course, there are travel packages specially made for families. Since no two families are the same, family preferences like family’s interests, children’s behavior and accommodation should be considered to a create a wonderful family bonding experience.

Every park or lodge has its own rules and regulations. Thus, parents should know exactly what activities their children will be able to do before booking. This is to avoid tourist hassles like some children of younger age might not be allowed to go game viewing. These incidents can be frustrating and might even spoil the whole family’s mood.

Everybody should avoid wearing bright colored clothing during game viewing because it could potentially distract the animals. Keeping good sun protection and insect repellant lotion handy can provide a nice shield from sunburns and insect bites.

One of the challenges for parents when traveling with their children is the attention span of the young ones. Outfitting the children with a camera and pairs of binoculars will surely keep them busy. Another way of keeping them interested is to give them a checklist of animals to be found in the park and maybe put up a prize for the highest number of animal spottings.

Among the countries that have family safaris, South Africa appears to be the best destination since most of their game reserves are safe from the dangers of malaria. Furthermore, the country has more, if not better, infrastructures compared to the other African countries, which facilitate a more convenient vacation. Madikwe Game Reserve and the Waterberg, both a few hours drive from Johannesburg, are among the parks known for their family-friendly facilities. These reserves are home to the Big Five Animals (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhinoceros) and other animals.

Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania and Namibia are some of the countries that are also great destinations for family safaris. Every member of the family will most likely enjoy Kenya because the beaches are in close proximity to the Tsavo National Park.

A family safari surely is a one of a kind bonding time for a family. With the right amount of planning and safety precautions the experience will certainly be cherished for a lifetime.

By: May Smith

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