Cuba’s best Tours

by Mauricio Maurette

If you want to get to know Cuba the best possible way then I will recommend you to do a Tour of Cuba. In one or two weeks you will be guided by a very professional tour guide who will show you the Island and tell you every thing you need to know about its history, culture and way of life.

There are many options available in terms of types of tours you can arrange. If you want so a guided tour can be designed a la carte for you. Although there are some tours already design that I recommend you explore to see if they suit you.

Some of this escorted tours last from 7 to 10 days it is bit hectic and definitely a learning experience. After this you can always combine 3 or more nights on a nice and relaxing beach location in Cuba. There are some tours that have been offered for years now among which The pearl of the Caribbean, The Cradle of the Revolution and the Tour of the West are the most popular ones.

Tour guides in Cuba are probably the most connoisseurs of this amazing Caribbean island. They are requested to be graduated form University and have to go to special courses to be trained to be professional tour guides. For not to mention that so far in Cuba only tour guides are allowed to stay in hotels and travel the island with tourist. So definitely are the tour guides who know more about Cuba.

Now let us look at one of these tours. The Pearl of the Caribbean tour which last 6 nights with 7 days is perfect for those looking to know the culture and history of Cuba. It is concentrated in the occidental half of the island visiting cities like Havana, Pinar del Rio, Trinidad and Cienfuegos.

To take a look at another example let us point out the Cradle of The Revolution Tour. It is totally oriented to explore the route followed by the revolutionaries led by Castro against Batista’s dictatorship. Its duration is 5 nights and it takes place in the most oriental part of the island. This tour can also be combined with some few nights relaxing in Guardalavaca beach resort.

In any case if you need assistance you can always get in touch but my honest opinion and being my self an ex tour guide in Cuba the best way to explore this island and get to know its culture is to book either one of the existing private or collective tours or asked for a tailor made tour designed to suit your demands. These packages are not as expensive as when you do accommodation, transfers, excursions and visit to museums on your own.

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