Check Out the Wildlife in Your New Zealand Travel

New Zealand travel can be an exciting thing for so many reasons because this country has so much beauty and so many different things to offer visitors. There are multiple ways to approach your New Zealand travel, but guided tours are always a good way to experience the wonder of the country. New Zealand has a lot of history and culture, so it is nice to be able to explore with the natives and really learn about what makes their home so special and unique. Some of the best things about New Zealand is its incredibly unique wildlife that inhabits all of the land. Some of the animals that have inhabited New Zealand at one point or another are unusual reptiles, hundreds of different exotic birds, a wide array of bats, tropical frogs and the ever famous geckos. Many of these animals and reptiles have become extinct over the years, but there is still one very important animal that you must experience at some point during your New Zealand travel.

The most famous resident in all of New Zealand is the Kiwi bird. Kiwi birds are indigenous to this area, but are quickly becoming an extinct species. This makes it even more important that you be sure to see this incredible species of bird while in New Zealand. The Kiwi bird is unable to defend itself against other predators, so this has made it very difficult to keep them from becoming extinct. There are three different types of the Kiwi bird and each one is distinguishable by its coloring and the curve of its bill. Natives to New Zealand are very attached to the Kiwi bird and it has become the official bird of the country as well as an important icon of the entire nation.

There are three major types of the Kiwi bird: the Great Spotted Kiwi, the Little Spotted Kiwi and the Okarto Brown Kiwi. The Great Spotted Kiwi is sometimes referred to as the Roroa species and is the largest of all the Kiwi birds. The Little Spotted Kiwi is extremely small and is unable to defend itself against any type of predator that may come their way. The Okarto Brown Kiwi is also known as the Rowi; they are very small and only take up a very small area on the South Island of New Zealand. The wildlife in New Zealand is unlike anything else you have experienced and it is definitely something that should be included in your New Zealand travel.