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It would be great if the profits from the safari and the experience that you have enjoyed, return to the place where you got to get the experience from. Unfortunately, booking with a local operator only ensures this to a certain extent for it does not necessarily guarantee that the return for the local community will be greater than that of foreigners that own the safari companies.

Many operators do what they can do to ensure that you will have a memorable experience without having to harm the people, wildlife or the environment in the process. Some of the best Tanzania safari operators are Chimpanzee Safaris which is an operator that specializes in organizing safaris to Gombe, Mahale, Katavi and Tarangire National Parks. There is also Green Foot Print Adventures which is an eco-friendly tour operator that operates only in Tanzania.

Maasai Wanderings is a family owned and operated safari tour company that offers safaris in Northern Tanzania. Maasai Wanderings actually took the liberty of opening their own school to support the local Maasai community whom you may actually get to visit whilst on your safari.

Nomad Tanzania is one of the only operators that offers luxury safaris in the wilderness of Tanzania. It is operated at a grand lodge that is called Sand Rivers Selous, the fantasy camp of Greystoke Mahale, Camp Chada Katavi, and a few of mobile camps that travel around northern Tanzania. Ranger Safaris is probably one of Tanzania’s largest safari operators, they offer good deals for single travelers as well as couples.

However as already stated above there are international operators and they are quite good as well. Thomson Safaris is an operator has been only operating in Tanzania for 25 years and no where else. They are a company that run humanitarian projects, and only use local staff and guides. Thomson offers a wide range of Tanzanian experiences and are highly respected.

By: Munya Chinongoza

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