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African Wildlife Safari: Enjoy the Finest at Kruger National Park

South Africa’s oldest and most popular national park, Kruger National park, provides arguably the best African wildlife safari experience. As an attestation to this fact, about one million visitors tour this park every year. The national park started as Sabi Game Reserve way back in 1898, to check the destruction of wildlife due to over-hunting. The park was later named after Paul Kruger who was the president of the Transvaal Republic at that time.

The Wildlife of the Western Cape of South Africa

There are dozens of wildlife parks and reserves for residents and guests to explore within the Western Cape of South Africa. Hundreds of varieties of wildlife can be found in the Western Cape of South Africa including birds, reptiles, fish and mammals. For many visitors to these reserves the main attractions are the mammals such […]

Wildlife Tours to India-wild Wild India

exotic and wildlife destinations in India have always attracted tourists from near and far. The diversity in climate offers a rich flora and fauna which in turn help in the existence of a wide variety of wildlife here in India. Of the many tours that exist, the wildlife tours are the most sort after one. […]

Wildlife Photography in a Landscape Setting

photography is such a broad topic, it can mean many things to many people. As a wildlife photographer, you need to be able to adapt your style to suit the subject and the surroundings. Often your subject will be found in a setting that appears unnatural or unattractive in a photograph. For example, you may […]

Getting Your Hands on African Wildlife Pictures

Wildlife has been something that has caught the imagination of the majority of human beings from time immemorial, and therefore there has always been a major interest among us to know more about wildlife. One way to give expression to your interest on wildlife is to buy African wildlife pictures and use them to beautify […]

African Safari Wildlife – Group Names and Name Origins

Collective Names: Antelope – herd, cluster, tribe Apes – shrewdness, troop Badgers – cete, colony Cats (Wild) – destruction, dowt, dout Cheetah – coalition Elephant – parade, herd Giraffe – tower, corps, journey, group Hedgehogs – array, prickle Hippo – raft, pod, bloat, thunder, school Hyaena – clan Impala – rank Jackal – skulk Leopard […]