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How to Take Better Wildlife Photos

re just starting up with wildlife photography, composition can be a daily challenge. It gets even more difficult if you’re dealing with a moving, uncooperative subject. There’s not much to learn on how to deal with such a subject. However, experience will teach you how to be quicker and improve your chances to catch the […]

Wildlife Photography: the Secret is in the Eyes

photography can be one of the most challenging fields a new photographer can take on. Not only do you have all the challenges of everyday photography, but you also have to deal with a subject that has no interest in having its photo taken. For an experienced photographer, there are so many things one would […]

Enriching the Wildlife of Indonesia

The Ragunan Zoo in South Jakarta is a famous tourist attraction for vacations and trips. It is located in the southern region of the city, in the Ragunan Suburb. The place is suitable for international travelers with fully serviced hospitality and all amenities provided; a wonderful place to have fun and learn at the same […]

How to Photograph Wildlife

To get good shots of animals and birds, you will have to learn to be quick in setting up and framing your shots. Waiting until you get out in the wilderness to learn these tricks is not a good idea. What I found to be very helpful was practicing on my cats and on birds […]

Wildlife Tour India – Unleash Your Adventurous Side With Rich Flora and Fauna

Is the adventurous streak in you insisting you enough to head for a wild safari? Are you dying to explore the diversity of nature in its rich flora and fauna? If yes, then a wildlife tour is all that you need. But a wildlife tour would mean cutting on your luxuries and living in harsh […]

Wildlife In The Attic – A Career Option You May Have Overlooked

It is early morning and you’re awakened by the unmistakable patter of running feet in your attic. You quickly dismiss the thought that it is a thief. It’s too small and besides, what thief would be running around the attic? Perhaps, it’s a raccoon or a skunk then? How about a simple country mouse? And […]