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Safaris And Africa Offer Mind Blowing Adventures

The danger and beauty of wild, unrestrained nature as it has been for so many years has intrigued and enthralled people around the world since David Livingston wrote England of his adventures in Africa. Safaris have long been in the top list of dream vacations. How exciting it would be to see the King of […]

How To Avoid Ruining Your African Safari Through Preparation

An African Safari sounds like the holiday of a lifetime, in fact, for many, it’s been a life changing experience. Preparation is the key to enjoying an African Safari and if you think it’s just a matter of loading up your bags and heading across to this mighty continent then think again. For first time […]

Kenya Visa Requirements

If you are planning to visit Kenya for a holiday or for business, you need to confirm the visa requirements before departure. While nationals from many of the Commonwealth countries such as Seychelles, Singapore and Cyprus do not require visa when entering Kenya, visa applications from countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, North […]