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What is a good gift for my host family in Kenya?

luckylynn20 asked: I am going to Kenya in a couple weeks and am staying with a host family. I know that they have some kids (not sure of ages or genders), so I am looking for some suggestions on what would make good gifts for the parents and kids? Any help would be greatly appreciated! […]

Kenya Safari Highlights – Unforgettable Experiences

Nowadays, many people love visiting Africa as their favorite holiday destination. There has been a shift of preferences of tourists from a soft romantic destination to wild jungles of Africa. Have you ever thought about the reasons of this much-publicized shift? Let us discover why Kenya is becoming a happening destination for tourists from all […]

suggestions for fun days out for 3yr olds?

Kirstycl asked: i really need some ideas, of where to take my 3 year old for his birthday, i want to take him out for the day, he already been to chester zoo, knowsley safari park, his b/day is in jan so not many places are open.. i live i cheshire and don’t mind traveling […]

Game Reserves in Kenya: Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya National Park is located in the Kenyan Highlands on the slopes of the mountain after which it is named. 150 kilometres North East of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, and just South of the Equator, stands the once active volcano of Mt. Kenya. The Kenyan Highlands are covered in bamboo forests at the lower elevations, […]

Laikipia Plateau In Kenya

You can’t afford to miss visiting the Laikipia Plateau the next time you venture on an in Kenya Safari. It spans over two million acres on the edge of the Northern Frontier from the slopes of Mt. Kenya to the rim of the Great Rift Valleyrising from over 5000 ft. to in excess of 9000 […]

How can i get in touch with volunteers who would like to work in Kenya in different fields?

Salome J asked: I am a Kenyan who would love to coordinate volunteer works (services) in kenya in different areas. I would love to do this with mostly foreign volunteers like from America, France, Canada help uplift the standards of living of our Kenyan community.