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Kenya Safari Highlights – Unforgettable Experiences

Nowadays, many people love visiting Africa as their favorite holiday destination. There has been a shift of preferences of tourists from a soft romantic destination to wild jungles of Africa. Have you ever thought about the reasons of this much-publicized shift? Let us discover why Kenya is becoming a happening destination for tourists from all […]

Laikipia Plateau In Kenya

You can’t afford to miss visiting the Laikipia Plateau the next time you venture on an in Kenya Safari. It spans over two million acres on the edge of the Northern Frontier from the slopes of Mt. Kenya to the rim of the Great Rift Valleyrising from over 5000 ft. to in excess of 9000 […]

Holiday Escapes to Natural Beauty Botswana

If you are planning to make your holidays really memorable, then holidaying in Botswana is the best you can do. Botswana is worldwide famous for its excellent unification of tourism and wildlife. Botswana is a land of striking natural beauty and is certainly one of the most famous holiday destinations in the world. The natural […]

A Highlight of Kenya Safari

Kenya is one of the countries in the world truly blessed by God and His bountiful nature. A safari in Kenya therefore is bound to be the highlight in your life. Safaris in Kenya come in a bewilderingly large variety of packages. There are single day safaris, air safaris, balloon and champagne safaris, annual wildebeest […]

Botswana: a Perfect Holiday Destination

So you have a wild beast inside you, urging it to show off? Here is your chance by taking a quick Botswana safari holiday and meet your competitors in open deep jungles. No doubt, you will have a blast watching the activities of numerous animals in their regime. Botswana is a small country with vivid […]

Kenya Tour Africa- Kenya Tour Best African Inclusive Tour Packages

Kenya wildlife is found in the most natural parks you will find in Africa. The Kenya wildlife is mostly found within the boundaries of national parks and reserves. These are wilderness araeas that have been set aside for the purposes of wildlife conservation. Each of these kenya national animal parks has its own characteristic and […]