Big Brand Hotels Come to Kenya

Kenya is one of the most popular holiday locations in Africa with many UK tourists going there for safari holidays but also to get a taste of African culture.  One of the highlights is the Maasai Mara which is an excellent chance to see some of the animals that you’ll have only ever seen in a zoo or on a David Attenborough show. 

Travelling to Kenya is simpler than you’d think too, especially considering the recent proposals and what is heading towards Kenya soon.  Whilst Kenya already has a thriving tourism industry thanks to the previously mentioned safari holiday crowd it is set to get an extra boost when several big name hotel chains open hotels in the country.

Hotel chains such as Sheraton and Marriott are being introduced to the country in an attempt by the tourism board to increase the quality of service in the country.  These hotel chains would be added to the already considerable list of hotel chains currently set up shop in Kenya including Intercontinental, Hilton and Fairmont. 

Mike Macharia of the Kenya Association of Hotel Keepers and Caterers said, “The presence of international hotels should help boost confidence in Kenya as a world class tourist destination,”

He went on to say how many holidaymakers are brand aware and trust certain hotel chains implicitly.  By having a hotel owned by one of these brands it will definitely increase the range of tourists visiting the region.  On the large number of recognizable brands he said that by having a higher number in their country then there is more chance of attracting high value customers to their hotels.

Last year Kenya’s tourism figures were at 1.8 million which is not a bad number but this year they aim to bring this number up to nearly double at 3 million visitors.  This increase will not be easy though as in recent years cities like Nairobi have suffered form not having enough hotels to cover demand.

Since last year many hotels have been expanding their facilities and adding more rooms to cover this going interest in Kenya.  Local investors were wary of the big brands coming in as they have great interest in the local cheap hotels already in the area but welcomed the increase in marketing of Kenya that would no doubt rub off on their businesses too.

By: Andy Adams

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