Attractions in Tanzania

Tanzania safari offers you a glimpse of one of the most vibrant life-style and beautiful lands of the continent Africa. Your trip to Tanzania can make you understand the richness of the native African culture and tradition. Also, a visit to the national parks and reserves will show the way of life in this vast country. Let us get a brief idea about some of the prominent attractions in Tanzania:Serengeti National Park:

Spread in the protected area of about 14,736 square kilometers (which equals to 5689 square miles), Serengeti National Park is the biggest national park of Tanzania. The national park is a home of several rare species of flora and fauna – presenting mesmerizing combination of wild and unblemished beauty. A mass zebra migration can be quite a view for ones visiting the national park.

Ngorongoro Crater:

Ngorongoro Crater is Tanzania’s biggest tourist attraction spot that offers magnificent views and interesting game options to the visitors. Animal lovers can get the best opportunity to view animals like African elephant, buffalo and black rhino on the crater floor.

Tanzanian Coastline:

Traveler seeking for adventure can enjoy walking aside the Tanzanian coastline. Several small bays, peninsulas and islands contribute to the beauty of a coastline that has attracted traders, fishermen, and explorers around the world.

Mount Kilimanjaro:

No visit to Tanzania is complete without visiting the Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak and most famous mountain in Africa. A trek to the top of the mountain can give you a chance to cross the way through alpine grasslands, forests, barren rock face and fascinating white glaciers.


Do you like to explore marine life? If your answer is yes then you can enjoy lying in the desert islands of Pemba. Enjoy the pleasure of daring diving in the Indian Ocean, with diverse species of marine life and coral.

Tanzania safari can be a life-time opportunity to experience a different and unknown face of life on earth.