An African Safari Vacation To Amboseli

An African Safari Vacation must include Kenya. A Kenyan Safari should if possible include a few days in Amboseli Game Reserve, and one of the best places to stay is the Amboseli Porini Camp.

This part of your Arican Safari Vacation at Amboseli Porini Camp will in fact be spent in the Selenkay Conservation Area which is a fifteen thousand acre private game reserve just above the northern boundary of Amboseli National Park.

Selenkay is owned by Maasai people, and is an important dispersal area for wildlife as it moves in and out of Amboseli, and so there is much more and different game to be seen here than in Amboseli itself.

To have an idea of what it was like to take an African Safari Vacation back in the 1920’s you need to firstly stay in a proper camp. What that means is tents in the bush with no fences, and very few guests as opposed to a fenced in lodge overlooking a water hole as happens too often.

Amboseli Porini Camp fulfils this objective and more, consisting of just nine spacious tents sitting amongst shady Acacia trees. There can therefore never be more than eighteen guests at any one time, so it is small and Porini is also exclusive.

It is also real old fashioned camping in the bush with no swimming pool, in fact nothing permanent at all, not even a bar or restaurant building. Of course there is food and drink in abundance, and it is all inclusive including beer and wines, but meals are taken under the shade of the trees, and there is a campfire to sit around and discuss the adventures of the day.

By the way Amboseli Porini Camp is staffed mostly by the local Maasai people. In addition the Selenkay Maasai receive an income from all tourism activities which is important to everyone

The only difference between the Amboseli Porini Camp of the 21st Century and the old fashioned bush camps is the bathrooms in the tents. The tents themselves are very spacious, and very comfortably furnished with a double and single beds, lit by solar power, and each has an ensuite bathroom with shower, wash basin and very importantly for guests used to modern comforts a flush toilet!! By the way the camp accepts children from the age of six, although perhaps this is a bit young to appreciate the wonders of an African Safari Vacation.

Too many people take an African Safari vacation, and they go to Kenya, and they even visit Amboseli, but sadly their experience is somewhat marred by the fact that they travel in Tour Operator’s mini buses. No so at Amboseli Porini Camp where all game drives are taken in open sided four wheel drive vehicles, which make for great viewing. In addition because Selenkay is a private conservancy you won’t be surrounded by other safari vehicles, your game viewing will be exclusive to you and your family.

You will see elephant in Selenkay because the population is growing, and undisturbed by mass tourism. The Selenkay Conservancy limits the number of people to eighteen per day thus keeping the wild and unspoilt nature of the place.

You can expect to see the following animals on this part of your African Safari Tour to Amboseli Porini Camp, and this is what makes it so worthwhile.

Elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah, Thompson’s and Grant’s gazelles, gerenuk, impala, oryx, lesser kudu, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, warthog, striped hyena, jackal, bat-eared fox, caracal, African wild cat, serval cat, genet cat, honey badger, mongoose and ostrich.