An Adventurous Kenya Safari

Kenya, an east African country, is popular for its fauna and scenic landscapes. It is the original home of Africa safari holidays (safari means travel in Swahili). It is the most popular African lion safari country for exclusive luxury holidays,

African Wildlife Safari and budget African safari vacations.  It is even believed that Man’s primordial ancestors may well have originated in Turkana, Northern Kenya as long as five million years ago.  Needless to say, hence, that one can enjoy some of the most fascinating sights of the wild world while on a Kenya safari.

Why choose Kenya for a safari tour?

A huge wildlife reservoir:  The Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya preserves some of the best wildlife.  And its attraction lies not only in the wildebeest migration, but also in its abundance of lions and all other members of the Big Five – leopard, cheetah, rhinoceros and hippopotamus, making Masai Mara a must-visit site during your Kenya tour.  It is, indeed, on top of the list when a curious traveler wants to see a great Kenya safari. An alternative way to see the wildlife is by a hot air balloon safari.

A bird-watcher’s paradise: The bird enthusiast can have the best of the winged world while on a Kenya Safari. The Samburu National Reserve in Kenya is home to hundreds of species of the feathered creatures, making it a perfect destination for the bird lover.  Some of the animals that are also frequently seen in the reserve include lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, impalas, buffalo, hippos, zebras and giraffes.

Amazing adventure destination: The Mount Kenya is for all those adventure freaks who crave for height and love trekking.  And despite its rank as the second highest peak in Africa, Mount Kenya is friendly to the climbers.  It doesn’t take a professional mountaineer to enjoy the beauty of the mountain; however, a physically fit body and a guide are some essential requirements.

The marvelous beaches: Imagine hitting the beach after that dusty and hot safari.  And it is not only the Kenya Safaris that are reputable, but the Kenya beaches are a major draw as well. They boast long stretches of soft white sand beaches, charming islands, and reefs, great for diving and snorkeling.

From Mombassa in the south to Lamu in the north – the beach-buffs can get the most of Kenya given its vast reserve of beach resorts.

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By: Mohanjeet Brar

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